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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Plants For Red Fir Forest

Ceanothus velutinus velutinus

Ceanothus velutinus velutinus Snowbrush
Ceanothus velutinus velutinus is similar to C. velutinus var. laevigatus but is much more hardy. It was burnt this year at June Lake at -20 degrees F.(?). It only reaches a height of 4' in its range. ... Learn more.

Cercocarpus ledifolius

Cercocarpus ledifolius Desert mountain mahogany
Curl leaf mountain mahogany is an evergreen shrub or small tree to 15 feet tall, that grows in desert mountains of the western U.S. Excellent as a tough screen or accent plant, and an attractive pla... Learn more.

Chamaebatia foliolosa

Chamaebatia foliolosa Mountain Misery
... Learn more.

Cornus stolonifera

Cornus stolonifera Red Stem Dogwood
... Learn more.

Deschampsia caespitosa

Deschampsia caespitosa Tufted Hairgrass
Tufted Hairgrass is a perennial bunchgrass from mountain meadows. It grows very poorly in interior areas with hot summers and looks like hell here at all times. If you live in a mountain meadow at 600... Learn more.

Dodecatheon hendersonii

Dodecatheon hendersonii Broad leafed shooting star
Broad-leafed shooting star is a nifty little early-spring perennial of the cool shady woods of central California and up into British Columbia, only growing in the mountains of southern California. I... Learn more.

Draperia systyla

Draperia systyla Weird Flower
A little perennial that inhabits partially shaded dry woody slopes in the Sierras and N.Calif. Mtns. It fuzzy green leaves look something like a minature New Zealand Spinach. The flowers are insignifi... Learn more.

Epipactis gigantea

Epipactis gigantea Stream Orchid
... Learn more.

Eriastrum densifolium austromontanum
A 1ft perennial. with bright blue flowers. It grows in gravelly soil. Very showy when in flower, invisible when not. Very drought tolerant. Native to many inland valleys and mountains.... Learn more.

Eriogonum compositum

Eriogonum compositum Northern Buckwheat
Its native from N. Calif. to E. Washington, Idaho to 7500 feet. Its flowers are very light yellow flowers in a tight cluster. It has dark green foliage. It tolerates containers better than many. This ... Learn more.

Eriogonum umbellatum

Eriogonum umbellatum Sulphur Flower buckwheat
Sulphur flower buckwheat, Eriogonum umbellatum is one of the lowest of the perennial buckwheats, growing only 3 inches tall and 3 ft. wide, with showy yellow flowers and grey foliage; is an excellen... Learn more.

Eriogonum umbellatum polyanthum Shasta Buckwheat

Eriogonum umbellatum polyanthum Shasta Buckwheat Sulfur Buckwheat
Eriogonum umbellatum var. polyanthum, is a wide ranging form normal in the middle elevation Sierra Nevada mountains, with yellow flowers on a 1 ft high by 3 ft wide plant; likes good soil, some summer... Learn more.

Eriogonum ursinum

Eriogonum ursinum Mat buckwheat
Eriogonum ursinum is native to the middle elevations of the northern Sierra Nevada mountains, growing in full sun in most areas, afternoon shade in desert areas. Water once/week until established, th... Learn more.

Eriogonum wrightii subscaposum

Eriogonum wrightii subscaposum Wright's Buckwheat
Eriogonum wrightii subscaposum is a small buckwheat, compact and mounding with the plant not exceeding a foot tall. Wright's Buckwheat has slender pale pink flower spikes. This is a a desert buckwhe... Learn more.

Festuca idahoensis

Festuca idahoensis Idaho Fescue
Idaho Fescue is a perennial grass, that can grow to a foot tall. It is native from around San Francisco to Canada. Idaho Fescue is good for a meadow grass in cool summer areas, but also grows in h... Learn more.

Fragaria virginiana platypetala

Fragaria virginiana platypetala Western Alpine Strawberry
A flat perennial strawberry with gray leaves, ranges in the wilds from California to British Columbia, to Wyoming. In California it ranges from 4000 to 10,000+ feet in the Sierra Nevada mountains. As... Learn more.

Garrya fremontii Bear brush
Fremont Silktassel grows in much of California from the Southern California mountains, through the Sierra and up along the north coast. Although it can live in coastal valleys, you can also find it up... Learn more.

Geranium californicum

Geranium californicum California Geranium
California Geranium is a perennial, pink flowers, June-July, damp meadows, high elevations, Sierra Nevada, a rock garden subject, has flourished here with reg. water, very hardy. We've seen them on th... Learn more.

Gilia aggregata

Gilia aggregata Skyrocket
Scarlet Gilia is a biennial or short lived perennial that grows one to three foot tall with one to multiple stems of red tubular flowers. Rather common in open sandy areas of middle elevations where ... Learn more.

Heuchera hirsutissima

Heuchera hirsutissima Idyllwild Rock Flower
... Learn more.

Heuchera merriamii

Heuchera merriamii Siskiyou Alum Root
Heuchera merriami, or Alumroot, grows up to 10,000 feet elevation but it is hardy to only -10 F. The leaves are small, with scalloped edges, and form a low clump near the ground, while the flowering... Learn more.

Heuchera rubescens rydbergiana
The only differences between this and Heuchera rubescens are smaller leaves and a slightly lower plant.... Learn more.

Iris missouriensis

Iris missouriensis Western Blue Flag
Western Blue Flag is native from S. Dakota to southern California to B.C.. This Iris is a foot or so high perennial with 2-3 inch, pale lavender flowers. Western Blue Flag grows at higher elevations,... Learn more.

Lilium kelleyanum

Lilium kelleyanum Kelly's Lilly
... Learn more.

Lilium pardalinum

Lilium pardalinum Panther lily
Lilium pardalinum is similar to Lilium Humboldtii but a species that is next to streams. (The British call it a panther lily, California calls it Leopard Lilly) It needs a little more water and is a... Learn more.

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