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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Plants For Riparian (rivers & creeks)

Epipactis gigantea

Epipactis gigantea Stream Orchid
... Learn more.

Equisetum hymale

Equisetum hymale Scouring rush
This Horsetail is wide ranging throughout the world with a very complicated species complex. (Equisetum hiemale, Hippochaete hiemale var. californica) ... Learn more.

Festuca occidentalis

Festuca occidentalis Western Fescue
The Mokelumne form of Western Fescue, Which I can't find any information on. To add to the confusion some are mislabeled Festuca occidentalis, Mokelmne. After spending hours looking I gave up. So the ... Learn more.

Forestiera neomexicana

Forestiera neomexicana Desert Olive
... Learn more.

Fragaria virginiana platypetala

Fragaria virginiana platypetala Western Alpine Strawberry
A flat perennial strawberry with gray leaves, ranges in the wilds from California to British Columbia, to Wyoming. In California it ranges from 4000 to 10,000+ feet in the Sierra Nevada mountains. As... Learn more.

Fraxinus latifolia

Fraxinus latifolia Oregon Ash
Oregon Ash is a tree of the meadows and stream banks of the Willamette Valley in Oregon. In California this ash is usually in more sheltered locations. It takes centuries to become a 150 ft. specimen ... Learn more.

Fraxinus latifolia X velutina

Fraxinus latifolia X velutina Ash
Deciduous tree, sun with moderate water, height up to 30 ft., found near water. Native in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains, and moist areas in the southern portion of the great valley and Sierra ... Learn more.

Gnaphalium microcephalum thermale

Gnaphalium microcephalum thermale Feltleaf everlasting
(syn. Gnaphalium canescens ssp. thermale, Gnaphalium albidum, Pseudognaphalium thermale) A grey short lived perennial that grows in open loose ground. Common in fresh road cuts or in burned over area... Learn more.

Helenium bigelovii

Helenium bigelovii Bigelows Sneezeweed.
What kind of name is Bigelow's Sneezeweed? How can I sell this beatiful perennial that flowers with a large yellow flower that looks like a native chrysanthemum? Bigelow Meadow chrysanthemum ... Learn more.

Helenium puberulum

Helenium puberulum What happened to the Flower?
This plant has brought great hoots from less than kind customers. That's the flower? Is the common response. You got to be kidding is another. Personally I think the plant is interesting and a valuab... Learn more.

Heleocharis macrostachya

Heleocharis macrostachya Common Spike Rush
A 1 foot high rhizomatous dark green plant. It looks like a miniature rush, or a funny-looking lawn grass. It needs regular moisture. It grows throughout the west and much of the world along streams, ... Learn more.

Heleocharis montevidensis

Heleocharis montevidensis
A sweet little perennial that looks like a cross between grass and horse tail. Great from along ponds, next to a leaky faucet or other wet spot. The original was 1-3(3-5 mm) inches tail after we plant... Learn more.

Heleocharis palustris

Heleocharis palustris
A one foot high rhizomatous dark green plant. It looks like a miniature rush, or a funny-looking lawn grass. It needs regular moisture. It grows throughout the west and much of the world along strea... Learn more.

Heleocharis parishii

Heleocharis parishii Parishs Spike Rush
A creeping little spike rush from much of the Southwest interior. Ranging from Utah to Oregon and down to Baja, you will find it in creeks, rivers, and on the edges of ponds and lakes. Occasionally it... Learn more.

Hibiscus californica

Hibiscus californica Rose-Mallow
A large perennial that will die to the ground under any drought stress. Use in an area of seasonal flooding or next to a pond. Flowers are large and showy. Not hardy. We lost ours to cold. (Hibicus ... Learn more.

Juglans hindsii

Juglans hindsii Northern California walnut
Northern California walnut is a deciduous tree to 50 ft that is native in scattered spots throughout California. A fast tree with edible nuts, garden tolerant. There has been some controversy as to w... Learn more.

Juncus balticus

Juncus balticus Baltic Rush
Baltic Rush grows in the Baltic Sea area, Canada from Labrador across and down into so. CA., also in S. A. It forms stiff clumps arising from runners and grows around water sources. If you have regula... Learn more.

Juncus dubius

Juncus dubius
A 1-2 ft. tall perennial that spreads by rhizomes along the edges of streams or ponds. Dark green, good fill in, good looking.... Learn more.

Juncus effusus

Juncus effusus Common Rush
Common Rush, ... Learn more.

Juncus macrophyllus

Juncus macrophyllus Long leaf rush
A rather nondescript spike of green until it flowers. Flowers make a creamy delicate cloud on top of this delicate bunch of stuff that looked like grass. Native from Paso Robles down California in th... Learn more.

Juncus oxymeris

Juncus oxymeris Pointed Rush
A very big coarse Rush that has edges. I have seen these rushes in only two spots so far, both in the mountains, one in Sequoia at 7500 ft and one in Mt. Abel area at 5000 ft. (It does grow every wher... Learn more.

Juncus patens

Juncus patens Common Rush
A clumping perennial that grows from Oregon to Baja along the coast and up into the mountains. Commonly associated in seeps and springs with openings in willows, mixed with Rosa californica, Artemis... Learn more.

Juncus phaeocephalus phaeocephalus

Juncus phaeocephalus phaeocephalus Brown Headed Creeping Rush
A wonderful creeping groundcover for seasonally wet (winter) spots near the coast. A frogs delight. Use where the soil is shallow and wet in the winter in place of lawn., A rush that looks superficial... Learn more.

Juncus textilis

Juncus textilis Basket Rush
Basket Rush is native on the Escondido Nursery Site. It forms large thickets in the creeks fed by avocado irrigation water. It was named basket rush because it was first found on the Basket Ranch in U... Learn more.

Juncus xiphioides

Juncus xiphioides Iris Leaved Rush
A creeping rush of meadows and creeks. It looks like a small Iris leaved thicket with stars on top. Give water, sun and water. It does not care as long as it has water. You can almost plant in under w... Learn more.

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