Plants For Riparian (rivers & creeks)

Box Elder tree,  Acer negundo californicum with fall color in fog. - grid24_12
Acer negundo var. californicum California Box Elder

California Box Elder is a deciduous tree, usually 30', possible to 50'. Native to the mountains of central and northern California. Acer negundo var. californicum has a bad rap because of ... Learn more.

This Box Elder has nice flowers, clean foliage and a rapid growth into a small tree. - grid24_12
Acer negundo var. californicum 'Bert's Toy Box'

This is a male Box Elder that is native to California. A small flowering tree that is tidy, rather nice looking, not huge, somewhat tolerate of water or drought, and actually very useful. We've only g... Learn more.

Buckeye trees are used as a nectar source for many native butterflies. Spring Azure/ Echo blue uses Aesculus californica as a larval food source.  Native plant equals native insect or bird. - grid24_12
Aesculus californica California Buckeye

California Buckeye is a deciduous, small tree, normally growing to 15'. The showy 6" creamy- scented flower spikes appear in April-May. Native to the central coast ranges and Sierra Nevada mounta... Learn more.

Agastache with a Swallowtail Butterfly - grid24_12
Agastache urticifolia Horse Mint

Licorice Mint is a perennial with whorls of lovely rose-colored flowers and a delicate fragrance. Best in sun if you want to attract the butterflies. This is a hardy perennial, that is very happy in ... Learn more.

An old photo of the flowering stalks of perennial Agrostis thurberiana - grid24_12
Agrostis thurberiana

A perennial grass of the sierra conifer forests. Growing in openings and meadows at 6-8000 feet.... Learn more.

Alnus incana tenuifolia, Thinleaf alder leaf - grid24_12
Alnus incana var. tenuifolia Thinleaf alder

Mountain Alder is small deciduous tree that grows from Tulare County in the Sierras to Alaska and into the Rocky Mountains. Mountain Alder frequents the stream banks and north slopes. If you are a fl... Learn more.

Alnus rhombifolia south of Big Bear, 6500  feet - grid24_12
Alnus rhombifolia White Alder

White alder is a fast deciduous tree to 20' first years then slower to 50 ft.. Native to moist canyons on the west coast. A nice- looking and fragrant shade tree. It likes sun and water. It is not ... Learn more.

Anaphalis margaritacea, Pearly Everlasting in the Sierras at about 7000 ft. - grid24_12
Anaphalis margaritacea Pearly Everlasting

Pearly Everlasting is a rather weedy perennial that Painted Ladies visit. If you're old and male don't get excited, Painted Ladies are butterflies. PE has an interesting flower that looks like a small... Learn more.

Anemopsis californica, Yerba Mansa, flowering  in the Santa Margarita garden.  - grid24_12
Anemopsis californica Yerba Mansa

Yerba Mansa is a spreading groundcover that has large, waxy, gray-green leaves that lay flat and form mats that from a distance look like a permanent pasture. This is a marsh and creekside plant, that... Learn more.

Arctostaphylos hooveri, Hoovers manzanita grows into a medium sized bush. - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos hooveri 'Hoovers Manzanita'

Hoovers Manzanita is an evergray 10' X `6' bush with red stems that has proved intractable in our climate and soil. This species has an interesting leaf appearance, because of the long, silvery, hair... Learn more.

The strange and beautiful flowers of Aristolochia californica, California Pipevine. - grid24_12
Aristolochia californica California Pipevine

California Dutchman's Pipe or Pipe Vine is a deciduous vine with one inch purple striped pipe-shaped flowers. Pipe vine likes part-shade. This California native vine has become fairly drought tolerant... Learn more.

Aster occidentalis, Western Aster flower - grid24_12
Aster occidentalis Western Aster

Western Aster is a highly variable perennial wildflower of the Western mountains. Use in perennial bed, the English California native garden. A higher elevation(to 10-11,000 ft.) rock garden plant. Ex... Learn more.

West Coast lady Butterfly on Baccharis douglasii Marsh Baccharis - grid24_12
Baccharis douglasii Marsh Baccharis

A 3 ft perennial with green-brown stems and green leaves. Very fast in wet-moist places. Baja to Humboldt and the Central Sierra. Baccharis species are the nectary sources for most of the predatory wa... Learn more.

Baccharis emoryi, Emory Baccharis flowers. with a Painted Lady - grid24_12
Baccharis emoryi Emory Baccharis

This Baccharis looks like a natural, stable hybrid between Mulefat(Baccharis viminea) and Baccharis pilularis var. consanguinea(Coyote Brush). Common in sandy washes throughout the inner areas of sou... Learn more.

Baccharis glutinosa Water Wally. - grid24_12
Baccharis glutinosa Water Wally

A deciduous willow -like shrub to 10 feet. Male and female flowers are on separate plants. Long, vertical stems make the appearance of this plant undesirable for the formal garden, but in a wild gard... Learn more.

Baccharis sergiloides (desert baccharis) - grid24_12
Baccharis sergiloides Squaw Waterweed

A 4-6 ft, shrub that will be leafless under stress. In spring if it is happy it is covered with bright yellow flowers. Native from Inyo to Utah to San Diego. Learn more.

Betula occidentalis, Water Birch, in early spring with its pendent catkins (flower clusters).  - grid24_12
Betula occidentalis Water Birch

Western mountains 200-8000 ft. moist but not wet situations, deciduous tree to 20 feet a beautiful background for azaleas and such under high shade, won't look at its best under drought but seems to s... Learn more.

Calamagrostis canadensis Blue-joint

Blue Joint grows as a large creeping grass in wet places or meadows from Manitoba to New Mexico, Newfoundland to California. In California Blue-joint lives from about Tulare Co. north in the Sierras, ... Learn more.

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