Acer negundo var. californicum Bert's Toy Box

No current common name.

1Gal Container (Up to 20)
This is a male Box Elder that is native to California. A small flowering tree that is tidy, rather nice looking, not huge, somewhat tolerate of water or drought, and actually very useful. We've only grown this for a short period(2007-2009), but based on our experiences, it seems a nice small tree for that small front yard or street edge that is abused with bubblers or no water, rock or lawn. This selection was named for Bert Wilson, owner and founder of Las Pilitas nursery. Other Acers can change from male to female or female to male as the climate or conditions dictate. Acer negundo apparently stays male or female.

Acer negundo var. californicum 'Bert's Toy Box' tolerates clay and seasonal flooding.

Foliage of Acer negundo var. californicum 'Bert's Toy Box' has color lt-green and is deciduous.
Flower of Acer negundo var. californicum 'Bert's Toy Box' has color yellow.

Communities for Acer negundo var. californicum 'Bert's Toy Box':Coastal Sage Scrub and Riparian (rivers & creeks).

ph: 6.00 to 7.50
usda: 5 to 10
height[m]: 5.00 to 7.00
width[m]: 4.00 to 7.00
rainfall[cm]: 60.00 to 120.00

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