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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Plants For Riparian (rivers & creeks)

Lathyrus jepsonii californicus

Lathyrus jepsonii californicus
A curly little perennial the grows in the hills and mountains of Central and Northern Calif.. It is native down the road under Quercus agrifolia, Pinus Sabiniana and Quercus Douglasii. It is on the n... Learn more.

Lepidospartum squamatum

Lepidospartum squamatum Scale Broom
A shrub that can grow to chin height. It looks like a bunch of green corn stalk brooms tied together with yellow flowers on top. It grows in season stream bottoms. Very showy when in flower, ugly the ... Learn more.

Lilium kelleyanum

Lilium kelleyanum Kelly's Lilly
... Learn more.

Lilium pardalinum

Lilium pardalinum Panther lily
Lilium pardalinum is similar to Lilium Humboldtii but a species that is next to streams. (The British call it a panther lily, California calls it Leopard Lilly) It needs a little more water and is a... Learn more.

Lilium pardalinum giganteum

Lilium pardalinum giganteum Sunset
As pardalinum but bigger flowers. The British have cultivar names 'Red Giant' and 'Sunset' This one tolerates sun and heat better than the straight species and is half of the height. This is listed b... Learn more.

Lilium parvum

Lilium parvum Sierra Tiger Lily
Sierra Tiger Lily or Alpine Lily grows up in the Sierras This little lily grows along streams and meadows in the Eastern Sierras at near the summits.... Learn more.

Lilium wigginsii

Lilium wigginsii Wiggins Lily
... Learn more.

Lobelia cardinalis

Lobelia cardinalis Cardinal Flower
Cardinal flower is a flat perennial herb with 1-2 inch red flowers in 1-2 foot spike of 20 or more. It grows in bogs. Cardinal flower has nice cut flowers. It is a hummingbird flower. Useful in the ... Learn more.

Ludwigia peploides peploides

Ludwigia peploides peploides Water Primrose
Water primrose grows directly in the water fromm S.America to Baja and north to Oregon. Flowers are a delightful 1 inch(10-20 mm.) sunflower yellow. These plants are easy to grow, just put them into a... Learn more.

Mahonia aquifolium Compacta

Mahonia aquifolium Compacta Creeping Oregon Grape.
Mahonia aquilfolium Compacta is probably a native plant, but there seems to be little information of it's origins. (If you hold the patent on it we never found you.) Compacta likes coastal sand. If yo... Learn more.

Mahonia M. piperiana x M. aquifolium x M. amplectans Golden Abundance

Mahonia M. piperiana x M. aquifolium x M. amplectans Golden Abundance
A hybrid of three California native Oregon grapes. It's always been confusing calling a Mahonia or Berberis Oregon Grape. It's not a grape and they are native from California up in to Idaho and Britis... Learn more.

Mentha arvensis

Mentha arvensis Field Mint
A small little 1' perennial with a small blue flower clusters on a spike of scented green leaves. This one grows at higher elevations along creeks and in meadows. It has managed to make its way around... Learn more.

Mimulus cardinalis

Mimulus cardinalis Scarlet Monkey Flower
A perennial to 3'. It likes sun to full shade and regular water. It has 2" red tubular flowers most of the year. An aggressive seeder that should be used in revegetation or large gardens, (or for thos... Learn more.

Mimulus guttatus

Mimulus guttatus Seep Monkey Flower
Mimulus guttatus is an annual to sometimes perennial that grows in seeps, springs or along creeks. Useful along the edges of ponds or the fountains. Very floriforus for months in spring-summer. Seep ... Learn more.

Mimulus lewisii

Mimulus lewisii Monkey Flower
Similar to Mimulus cardinalis but flowers are rose red or pink and it needs more water than Mimulus cardinalis. 20" tall. Native to middle to high elevations of the Sierra Nevada and much of the highe... Learn more.

Mimulus moschatus Musk Flower
A seep monkey flower from the forests of central and northern California. ... Learn more.

Mimulus tilingii

Mimulus tilingii Creeping Monkey
A creeping perennial with 1 inch yellow flowers that make a 1 ft carpet of yellow at high elevations throughout most of the western states. It does o.k. here but needs constant moisture. Good near str... Learn more.

Oenothera caespitosa marginata

Oenothera caespitosa marginata Evening Primrose
A short-lived perennial (ours seem to last 5-6 years). The native range is in the desert ranges from S.Ca. to E.Wash and Utah. It has white-pink 3" flowers that fade to pink. The 12" leaves are from b... Learn more.

Parnassia palustris californica

Parnassia palustris californica Grass-of-Parnassus
(Syn. Parnassia californica) A plant to be included in a meadow or along a high alpine stream. Circumpolar. The California form having smaller flowers that are cream colored (with less green). It is n... Learn more.

Physocarpus capitatus

Physocarpus capitatus Ninebark
Physocarpus capitatus, or Ninebark, is a deciduous bush with tiny white flowers in 3"-5" clusters, flowering May through July. Native to the coast ranges and the Sierra Nevada mountains to British Co... Learn more.

Platanus racemosa

Platanus racemosa California Sycamore
A fast 75' deciduous tree. It will grow to 15-20 ft. in 5-10 years. It is along creeks in the foothills and coast ranges of Calif.. It takes takes wind, heat, but not drought tolerant until establishe... Learn more.

Pluchea sericea Arrow Weed
A 5ft evergreen (gray) bush. It grows in sandy washes where there is moisture. Native from the San Luis Obispo county into the Deserts to Texas.. The flowers are lavender and relatively showy. This on... Learn more.

Populus angustifolia Mammoth

Populus angustifolia Mammoth Narrow Leaf Cottonwood
This Sierran tree looks like a narrow leaf Black Cottonwood. crossed with a quaking aspen. The cottonwood of much of the Rockies makes it into California around Bishop, Mammoth and the White Mountains... Learn more.

Populus fremontii

Populus fremontii Western Cottonwood
A deciduous tree. Plant and stand back, very fast with regular water, on one site 30' in a year. We grow male trees, females have cotton. An excellent shade tree. Keep away from septic system. Do not ... Learn more.

Populus fremontii Carrizo

Populus fremontii Carrizo Fremont Cottonwood
'Carrizo', This form is for interior plantings only. It will get rust if the climate is too moist. This form is very tough. It should do fine in most desert sites and even into parts of the Great Basi... Learn more.

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