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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Plants For Coastal Sage Scrub

Heuchera maxima

Heuchera maxima Island Alum Root
Island Alum Root is a two foot perennial with 3' spikes of small pinkish flowers emerging from February to April. Native to the Channel Islands. This alum root likes part to full shade. A good edgin... Learn more.

Hordeum brachyantherum californicum

Hordeum brachyantherum californicum California Barley
Commonly grows in fields dominated by alien grasses and weeds (Bromus diandrus, Agrostis sp. Erodium sp. Hordeum jubatum, etc) grazed, no trees in evidence, north slope, soil clay/serpentine, many ... Learn more.

Horkelia cuneata

Horkelia cuneata Wedgeleaf Horkelia
Wedgeleaf Horkelia is a small perennial that is common in coastal dunes and interior dunes from San Francisco to San Diego. Included here primarily for those of you in sand dunes.(You need something.... Learn more.

Iris douglasiana

Iris douglasiana Douglas Iris
... Learn more.

Iris douglasiana BB

Iris douglasiana BB Deep Blue Douglas Iris
Bert's Blue Iris douglasiana came out of customers property in Pebble Beach. In coastal environments it will grow to six inches tall on coastal bluffs with salt spray. Out the wind and with a little w... Learn more.

Isomeris arborea

Isomeris arborea Bladderpod
California Cleome (AKA Bladder Pod) is a distinctive plant with unusual yellow flowers and cool fruits that when dry, resemble a paper lantern that rattles (the seeds inside the dried fruit rattle aro... Learn more.

Juglans californica

Juglans californica Southern California Walnut
Southern California Walnut is an uncommon shrub or tree to 15-25 ft., grows along stream beds from Ventura south. This plant is important to wildlife as it provides food and nesting sites for many bi... Learn more.

Juncus dubius

Juncus dubius
A 1-2 ft. tall perennial that spreads by rhizomes along the edges of streams or ponds. Dark green, good fill in, good looking.... Learn more.

Juncus occidentalis

Juncus occidentalis Western Rush
Western rush occurs in spots throughout the west. Never in covering hillsides, always in a nook or cranny that is seasonally wet in winter and dry in summer. This is a very nice looking plant that sho... Learn more.

Juncus phaeocephalus phaeocephalus

Juncus phaeocephalus phaeocephalus Brown Headed Creeping Rush
A wonderful creeping groundcover for seasonally wet (winter) spots near the coast. A frogs delight. Use where the soil is shallow and wet in the winter in place of lawn., A rush that looks superficial... Learn more.

Keckiella cordifolia

Keckiella cordifolia Heart Leaved Penstemon
... Learn more.

Koeleria macrantha

Koeleria macrantha June Grass
A small perennial grass that looks like it belongs in a Japanese Garden. Although it grows in pine wood and heavy chaparral I've seen it only on the edge of a coastal prairie site at Vandenberg Air Fo... Learn more.

Lathyrus jepsonii californicus

Lathyrus jepsonii californicus
A curly little perennial the grows in the hills and mountains of Central and Northern Calif.. It is native down the road under Quercus agrifolia, Pinus Sabiniana and Quercus Douglasii. It is on the n... Learn more.

Lavatera assurgentiflora

Lavatera assurgentiflora Malva Rosa
A large evergreen bush normally 6' tall but if in coastal clay can get 10' tall. The flowers are white with red stripes or red with white stipes, and 2-3" across. It's similar to Abutilon. It will tak... Learn more.

Lepidospartum squamatum

Lepidospartum squamatum Scale Broom
A shrub that can grow to chin height. It looks like a bunch of green corn stalk brooms tied together with yellow flowers on top. It grows in season stream bottoms. Very showy when in flower, ugly the ... Learn more.

Leptodactylon californicum tomentosum

Leptodactylon californicum tomentosum Prickly Poppy
Found on a restoration project in Nipomo growing on old stabilized dunes associated plants included Arctostaphylos rudis, Baccharis pilularis cons., Ceanothus impressus nipomoensis, Helianthemum scop... Learn more.

Lobelia cardinalis

Lobelia cardinalis Cardinal Flower
Cardinal flower is a flat perennial herb with 1-2 inch red flowers in 1-2 foot spike of 20 or more. It grows in bogs. Cardinal flower has nice cut flowers. It is a hummingbird flower. Useful in the ... Learn more.

Lobelia dunnii serrata

Lobelia dunnii serrata Dunn's lobelia
A perennial with 1" blue flowers on 1' plant. It grows in wet spots along the S. Ca. Coast. Use as small scale groundcover in among rocks where there is moisture. Good for sun or part-shade. Our mothe... Learn more.

Lomatium dasycarpum

Lomatium dasycarpum Woolly fruit desert parsley
Woolly fruit desert parsley grows in openings in the chaparral, coastal sage scrub, up into the pines of Mt. Pinos and Mt. Laguna, through the Sierras and coast ranges below 7000 ft. The larval of the... Learn more.

Lomatium utriculatum

Lomatium utriculatum Common Lomatium
Common lomatium, in edge of field, surrounded by alien grasses and dicot weeds, Source: eastern San Luis Obispo County, California, March 8, 1997. perennial, slender taproot, fls. yellow, clay-loam so... Learn more.

Lonicera hispidula

Lonicera hispidula California Honeysuckle
A climbing deciduous shrub with large pink flowers. Native throughout much of California and up into Washington. California honeysuckle can handle full sun to shade. It's drought tolerant. Use as a ba... Learn more.

Lonicera involucrata ledebourii

Lonicera involucrata ledebourii Twinberry honeysuckle
A deciduous shrub to 8', normally to 6'. The flowers are orange-red and appear from Mar.-Jul.. It has formal looking dark green foliage. The black berries are edible but bitter. Native to the Californ... Learn more.

Lonicera subspicata denudata

Lonicera subspicata denudata San Diego Honeysuckle
This native honeysuckle makes a sprawling ground cover grows at the drip line of coast live oaks, spreading to cover much of the ground in the shade of the tree. A clean neat and tidy honeysuckle tha... Learn more.

Lotus scoparius

Lotus scoparius Deerweed
Lotus scoparius Deerweed is a short- lived ( 7-20 years! ) perennial in the pea family. From spring through summer this plant is covered in small yellow flowers. Deerweed is a pioneer species ... Learn more.

Lotus strigosus

Lotus strigosus Annual Lotus
Bishop's Lotus is an annual, hairy, prostrate, with small flowers yellow turning orange-reddish, prostrate, grows in disturbed areas, of coastal sage scrub, chaparral, woodland, deserts. This genus ... Learn more.

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