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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Plants For Coastal Sage Scrub

Delphinium cardinale

Delphinium cardinale Scarlet Larkspur
A 2' perennial with flowers in a 4' red spike. July- Aug., 1" red flowers worked by hummingbirds. They lived on our gallons in the nursery. Native in coast ranges, Monterey south. It has nice cut flow... Learn more.

Deschampsia elongata

Deschampsia elongata Slender hairgrass
This clumping perennial grass is so soft, and pretty, with really thin soft stems and leaves. Slender Hair Grass disappears in summer (drops to a faint brown patch); is a light grass that blows in the... Learn more.

Dichondra occidentalis

Dichondra occidentalis Western Dichondra
Western Dichondra is a small perennial that works well for a cool shady patio in from the coast or a windswept patio next to the coast. The only problem is that it really is a perennial and it really... Learn more.

Diplacus aurantiacus

Diplacus aurantiacus Sticky Monkey Flower
Diplacus aurantiacus, Sticky Monkey flower is the coastal form of Mimulus aurantiacus, a perennial with 1" orange flowers that likes partial shade if planted in the interior sun if it is along the c... Learn more.

Diplacus aurantiacus australis Ramona

Diplacus aurantiacus australis Ramona Narrow Leaf Southern Monkey Flower
Some botanists would like to call this sticky monkey flower but it is not very sticky. The botanists over the years have called it all sorts of names, with no cross references, very confusing. Botanis... Learn more.

Diplacus aurantiacus lompocensis Vandenberg Monkey Flower

Diplacus aurantiacus lompocensis Vandenberg Monkey Flower Lompoc Monkey Flower
A large-flowered monkey flower from Vandenberg AFB. Sand on hard pan in full sun to part shade. Its neighbors are Adenostoma fasciculatum, Arctostaphylos rudis, Ceanothus impressus, Quercus agrifolia... Learn more.

Diplacus longiflorus

Diplacus longiflorus Southern Monkey Flower
Diplacus longiflorus is a very large-flowered monkey flower that is native on the Santa Margarita nursery site. Southern Monkey Flower is a one to three foot perennial with masses of creamy yellow ... Learn more.

Diplacus longiflorus Agoura Spunky Monkey

Diplacus longiflorus Agoura Spunky Monkey Agoura Spunky Monkey Flower
This Monkey Flower (Diplacus or Mimulus) is native to the Agoura area. It commonly grows in washes, under the oaks or in rock outcroppings in all but the hottest spots. The associates for this monkey... Learn more.

Diplacus longiflorus Topanga monkey flower

Diplacus longiflorus Topanga monkey flower
A perennial monkey flower from Western Los Angeles. Topanga monkey grows on slopes under Quercus agrifolia on north slopes, mixed with Salvia leucophylla, Salvia apiana, Rhus laurina and Arctostaphyl... Learn more.

Diplacus puniceus

Diplacus puniceus Red Monkey Flower
Red monkey flower is a two foot high evergreen shrub with red flowers most of the year. The species ranges from Los Angeles county to San Diego county, California. Diplacus puniceus likes partial sha... Learn more.

Diplacus puniceus Bert's Raspberry

Diplacus puniceus Bert's Raspberry Raspberry Monkey Flower
Bert's Raspberry is a Diplacus puniceus with large Raspberry colored flowers on a dark green sub-shrub perennial.... Learn more.

Diplacus puniceus Penelope

Diplacus puniceus Penelope Penny's Monkey Flower
... Learn more.

Diplacus puniceus Pumpkin

Diplacus puniceus Pumpkin
A Diplacus puniceus with flowers that have red, orange, yellow flowers. Apparently introduced in the early 1990's by Dagmar Collins from seed that came from Gerta Isenberg (Yerba Buena). Randy Baldwi... Learn more.

Diplacus rutilus

Diplacus rutilus Santa Susana Monkey Flower
Santa Susana Monkey Flower, ... Learn more.

Dodecatheon clevelandii

Dodecatheon clevelandii Padre's shooting star
Small perennial, goes dormant in summer, has a 1 foot high flower cluster with 1/2 inch shooting stars, good in woodland garden or north slope. We ship them in Jan-Feb. This plant is one of the first ... Learn more.

Dryopteris arguta

Dryopteris arguta Wood Fern
A woodland fern that is native from S. Cal to Washington. Wood Fern normally grows on north slopes and/or shady creeks. I've seen it as an understory plant to Quercus chrysolepsis, Quercus agrifolia... Learn more.

Dudleya abramsii murina

Dudleya abramsii murina San Luis Obispo Live Forever
San Luis Obispo Live forever,(Dudleya murina) grows around San Luis Obispo of serpentine rock out croppings. It likes sun and about 2-3 inches of clay on rock that literally drips with water in spring... Learn more.

Dudleya caespitosa

Dudleya caespitosa Coast Dudleya
Coast Dudleya is commonly found on coastal bluffs from North Los Angeles county up into the Monterey area. It survives full coastal bluff conditions and hangs out with Oeanothera hookeri, Eriophyllum ... Learn more.

Dudleya edulis

Dudleya edulis San Diego Dudleya
Lady Fingers (Dudleya edulis) is a succulent that gets about one foot wide and tall with round leaves about as thick as a pencil.The white flowers cover the succulent foliage. This Dudleya is native ... Learn more.

Dudleya lanceolata

Dudleya lanceolata Liveforever
Dudleya lanceolata is a one foot tall and wide succulent, native to central and southern California, with yellow-red flowers. Lance-leaf Dudleya tolerates clay as long as summers are dry and does ... Learn more.

Dudleya pulverulenta

Dudleya pulverulenta Chalk Liveforever
Chalk Liveforever is a succulent with a one to two foot basal rosette from which a 1 1/2 ft. spike of red flowers appears in May through July. Native from about northern San Luis Obispo county south... Learn more.

Dudleya virens Green liveforever
... Learn more.

Elymus condensatus

Elymus condensatus Giant Wild Rye
A large clumping green grass. Native in the interface zone between plant communities or in openings. Commonly in areas that have seeps in winter. Drought resistant in most areas. In the desert areas,... Learn more.

Elymus condensatus Canyon Prince

Elymus condensatus Canyon Prince Giant Wild Rye
A large clumping grass. The silver gray foliage is very distinct. Native in the interface zone between plant communities or in openings. Commonly in areas that have seeps in winter. Drought resistant... Learn more.

Elymus glaucus

Elymus glaucus Blue Wildrye
Blue Wild-Rye. This plant species is highly variable, and hybridizes with some other species of wild-rye. It is not related to the cereal rye, except that they are both grasses. This plant is common h... Learn more.

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