Plants For Chaparral

Eriogonum fasciculatum var. polifolium; Rosemary Flat-Top Buckwheat with a Buckeye Butterfly - grid24_12
Eriogonum fasciculatum var. polifolium Interior California Buckwheat

California interior buckwheat is as Eriogonum fasciculatum but grayer and tougher, hardy to -20 F . The two varieties of California buckwheat (polifolium and foliolosum) overlap in many areas, most no... Learn more.

Eriogonum gracile var. gracile
Slender Buckwheat is an annual buckwheat that is native all over the Santa Margarita property. - grid24_12
Eriogonum gracile Wild Buckwheat

Annual, wild buckwheat, leaves in a rosette at the base of the plant, flowers tiny, in pom-pom-shaped clusters at the top of the flowering stems. This genus provides larval food plants for various sp... Learn more.

Eriogonum heermannii, Heerman Buckwheat with it's reddish white flowers. - grid24_12
Eriogonum heermannii Heermanns Buckwheat

Eriogonum heermannii, what a neat buckwheat, dark green foliage of E. grande rubescens, flowers are a soft butter yellow. Butterflies use the plant, the plant looks good enough for most any garden. Th... Learn more.

Cliff buckwheat can be showy and hold it's flowers for months. - grid24_12
Eriogonum parvifolium SeaCliff Buckwheat

Buckwheats are very important butterfly plants and one of the pillars of their communities. Cliff buckwheat is the host plant for many species of butterfly including the rare El Segundo Blue, Euphil... Learn more.

A variable Checkerspot on an Eriophyllum confertiflorum - grid24_12
Eriophyllum confertiflorum Golden Yarrow

Golden-Yarrow, is a dryland perennial, 1-2 ft. high, with bright yellow flowers in early summer. It does best with full sun and well draining. But can also often be seen in dry clay soil in part sha... Learn more.

Eriophyllum lanatum var. grandiflorum; Common Woolly Sunflower is very diverse. The keys are problematic on this species as ours are commonly 8 rays, sometime 7, sometimes 9. - grid24_12
Eriophyllum lanatum var. grandiflorum Common Woolly Sunflower

Eriophyllum lanatum var. grandiflorum, Common Woolly Sunflower is a grey perennial, 1-2 ft. high, with yellow, daisy-like flowers, wo inches across; a good garden plant, liking full sun to part-day s... Learn more.

Erysimum capitatum, Western Wallflower, in a closeup photo showing the inflorescence.  - grid24_12
Erysimum capitatum Western Wallflower

Annual, biennial, perennial, 1 ft., orange to orange-red, fragrant flowers, March - July, (longer with water), sun to part shade, dry to garden tolerant. We had one that lived for 2-3 years here and g... Learn more.

Eschscholzia caespitosa, Dwarf Californian Poppy - grid24_12
Eschscholzia caespitosa Foothill Poppy

Eschscholzia caespitosa is an annual poppy with bright yellow flowers. It grows to about a foot tall. It is (was) common in the foothills above the San Joaquin Valley and southern California foothills... Learn more.

Eschscholzia californica crocea - grid24_12
Eschscholzia californica var. crocea

Munz lists four 'tendencies' that have largely geographic separations. An inland perennial form that ranges away from the coast from Wash. to S.Cal. This is var. crocea that has large orange flowers ... Learn more.

 Festuca californica, California Fescue.  - grid24_12
Festuca californica California Fescue

California Fescue grows in greenish gray tufts very much like a cross between Deer Grass and needle Grass. If you are into grasses it makes a good planting. Deer grass in the drainage, California Fesc... Learn more.

Forestiera neomexicana, Desert Olive, is growing here in a moist swale in overgrazed rangeland in the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains of California. - grid24_12
Forestiera neomexicana Desert Olive

Desert Olive is a deciduous shrub that grows fast to 6-8 feet. Native from northern central California to Riverside and east to Colorado and Texas. Useful fast filler for desert conditions, drought to... Learn more.

Wood Strawberry, Fragaria californica, tastes pretty good. Can be used in a container or as a small groundcover. - grid24_12
Fragaria californica Wood Strawberry

Wood Strawberry is a perennial, with white flowers, edible red fruits, and spreads by horizontal above ground stems (stolons). Fragaria californica, (F. vesca), Wood Strawberry makes a  good ground co... Learn more.

Fraxinus dipetala, Flowering Ash, indigenous to California,  has small adorable leaflets, a narrow form, and would be wonderful in a moist area of a smaller garden.  - grid24_12
Fraxinus dipetala Flowering Ash

A deciduous shrub/small tree to 20 ft., growing in the California foothills, with fragrant white flower clusters; drought tolerant but better with summer water. Associated plants range from Grey Pine ... Learn more.

Fraxinus velutina Velvet Ash

Velvet Ash is a small deciduous tree, ranging from Santa Barbara county south to San Diego county. It grows usually less than 30 feet tall and grows very fast. Velvet Ash needs regular water until i... Learn more.

Fremontodendron California Glory Flannel Bush, Fremontia - grid24_12
Fremontodendron 'California Glory' Flannel Bush, Fremontia

California Glory was introduced by Rancho Santa Ana Garden in 1962. It is a hybrid between F. californicum and F. mexicanum. It is one of the better hybrids in its stability and flower show. Flannel b... Learn more.

Fremontodendron "Ken Taylor"  - grid24_12
Fremontodendron 'Ken Taylor' Ken Taylors Flannel

Ken Taylor owned a nursery in the Aromas area for years. Taylor Nursery produced native plants and very rare or unusual exotics. Taylor nursery was also into bonsai which is why he probably was afte... Learn more.

Fremontodendron californicum California Flannel Bush. Also known as Fremontia. - grid24_12
Fremontodendron californicum California Flannel Bush

(Fremontia)An evergreen shrub fast to 5', can grow to 10 ft.. Explodes with yellow flowers, 3 inches across, in spring. Native to dry slopes, Sierra Nevada, coast ranges, S. Calif. mountains. Likes su... Learn more.

This Fremontia grows as a small sprawling bush.The orange flowers look like they belong to an apricot or orange.  - grid24_12
Fremontodendron californicum var. decumbens Dwarf Flannel Bush

(Fremontia)Evergreen shrub, 4 ft., Pine Hill east of Sacramento, smaller 2inch apricot flowers. The most garden tolerant of the flannel bushes. No cold damage when young at 12 deg., see F. californicu... Learn more.

Fremontodendron californicum napensis is fast and very unstable in Southern California  - grid24_12
Fremontodendron californicum var. napensis Napa Fremontia

A rather small flowered, small leaved, Fremontia from the Napa Area. It is a nice looking evergreen bush with dark green foliage and yellow flowers. If it were not for the other forms being so much m... Learn more.

Fremontodendron Hybrid, Flannel Bush, showing the bright orange "flowers". - grid24_12
Fremontodendron Hybrid Flannel Bush

(Fremontia)Evergreen shrub, fast to 15-20 ft., yellow flowers, much more vigorous than species, see F. californicum for cultivation. These suffer cold damage in containers at 15 deg., in the ground ok... Learn more.

Fremontodendron mexicanum, We lost Mexican Fremontia to drought in the 1980's - grid24_12
Fremontodendron mexicanum Southern Flannel Bush

(Fremontia mexicana) Evergreen shrub, 15 ft., bright yellow flowers 3 inches across, emerge April-August., fuzzy grey-green foliage. Grows in San Diego Co., full sun to part shade, excellent drainage,... Learn more.

Garrya elliptica 'James Roof' - Coast Silk Tassel, the male flowers, catkins, can be a foot long - grid24_12
Garrya elliptica var. James Roof Silk Tassel

Garrya elliptica,  'James Roof' is a form of Silk Tassel that forms an evergreen shrub to small tree with yellowish male catkins 10 inches long in early spring. The catkins  turn gray as they age. T... Learn more.

Garrya flavescens pallida Pale Ashy Silk-tassel Bush with the male flowers  (catkins) - grid24_12
Garrya flavescens var. pallida Pale Ashy Silk-tassel Bush

Pale Ashy Silk-tassel Bush is an eight foot evergreen shrub, a tough shrub where you need drought tolerance and a light green-gray foliage, native to the mountains of coastal central California to E.... Learn more.

Garrya fremontii Bear brush

Fremont Silktassel grows in much of California from the Southern California mountains, through the Sierra and up along the north coast. Although it can live in coastal valleys, you can also find it up... Learn more.

Garrya veatchii,  Silk Tassel Bush with male flowers, catkins are about 6 inches long. - grid24_12
Garrya veatchii Silk Tassel Bush

Silk Tassel bush is a six foot tall evergreen shrub with very showy male flowers hanging in long white catkins from the end of the branches. It grows on dry slopes in chaparral, central and southern ... Learn more.

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