Plants For Chaparral

Corylus cornuta californica, Western Hazelnut in the Sierras. This was a 30 ft. tree in a little forest of Hazel nuts. - grid24_12
Corylus cornuta var. californica Western Hazelnut

Western Hazelnut native to many shady moist spots from Santa Cruz and Yosemite north to B.C. One of our customers report a grove in the Santa Barbara Area. One of the early Spanish expeditions along t... Learn more.

Crossosoma californicum, Catalina Rockflower, has small white flowers and grows along the south coast and Channel Islands of California. - grid24_12
Crossosoma californicum Catalina rockflower

Crossosoma californicum is 3-5' semi-evergreen unless under stress, then becomes an unbecoming perennial. Native to the Channel Islands and the Palo Verde Peninsula. 1" white flowers from January t... Learn more.

Croton californicus Croton - grid24_12
Croton californicus Croton

A small, gray-scurfy perennial, with no perceptible flowers, grows in open areas between shrubs such Ericameria ericoides, Salvia mellifera, Artemisia californica.Lives in the coastal sage scrub and ... Learn more.

Cryptantha clevelandii Cryptantha

Small annual, grows in sandy or rocky areas, sometimes serpentine, with tiny, insignificant white flowers, with hairy leaves and stems, fine for a wild garden. sNCo, sNCoRI, CW, SCo, ChI, Baja, CA. Learn more.

Cucurbita foetidissima, Coyote Melon flowers - grid24_12
Cucurbita foetidissima Coyote Melon

A coarse, trailing perennial, with gray-green, rough leaves, yellow flowers, and a large root, undergoes dormancy after flowering and fruiting. Occurs often in sandy areas. Produces a gourd, not edibl... Learn more.

Cupressus bakeri, the Modoc Cypress, Siskiyou Cypress or Baker Cypress - grid24_12
Cupressus bakeri Modoc Cypress

Baker Cypress, Cupressus bakeri,  is an evergreen tree to 50 ft (not in your lifetime, maybe your kids or grand kids). A slow growing cypress. It might be a bonsai candidate. A very tough cypress that... Learn more.

Cupressus forbesii, Tecate Cypress as a  hedge row. No water and the little trees look decent. Reports of 15 ft. in 3 years. - grid24_12
Cupressus forbesii Tecate Cypress

Tecate cypress is native to the southern California mountains looking down into Tijuana, Mexico. It is fast to 12-15 feet, then very slow to 20-30 feet or higher. Easily held at 15 ft. (After it rea... Learn more.

Cupressus macnabiana (MacNab Cypress or Shasta Cypress)  - grid24_12
Cupressus macnabiana MacNab cypress

Native to the foothills surrounding the Sacramento Valley in northern California. Fast to 12 ft. then slow to 40 ft. An evergreen tree with branching near base. Flat sprays like thuja. A fragrant, nic... Learn more.

A 50 year old picture Cupressus sargentii Sargent Cypress - grid24_12
Cupressus sargentii Sargent Cypress

In the wild Sargent Cypress is a small gray evergreen tree, with gray bark. In most gardens Sargent Cypress will grow real fast to 10 feet, then slowly (1'/year) to 50'. C. sargentii is easy to hold t... Learn more.

Here is a closeup photo of the red flowers of Delphinium cardinale, Scarlet Larkspur. - grid24_12
Delphinium cardinale Scarlet Larkspur

A 2' perennial with flowers in a 4' red spike. July- Aug., 1" red flowers worked by hummingbirds. They lived on our gallons in the nursery. Native in coast ranges, Monterey south. It has nice cut flow... Learn more.

This is a very old photo of the flowers of Delphinium nudicaule, Canyon Delphinium, from the Sierra Nevada mountains, California, around 1985. - grid24_12
Delphinium nudicaule Canyon delphinium

A smaller form of Delphinium cardinale that grows in the mixed evergreen forest, chaparral and yellow pine forest openings. Usually you'll find it along stream banks, north slopes, east slopes or near... Learn more.

This photo shows the form of the flowers and leaves of Dendromecon harfordii, Island Bush Poppy, but the actual flower color is yellow, not orange. - grid24_12
Dendromecon harfordii Island Bush Poppy

A evergreen shrub to 8 ft. It is not as cold or drought tolerant as Dendromecon rigida, but more garden tolerant. A highly prized bush that is rare in cultivation and hard to produce. It is cold hardy... Learn more.

Bush Poppy flowers - grid24_12
Dendromecon rigida Bush Poppy

An evergreen shrub normally 6 feet tall. It has yellow flowers, 2 inches across in March - June, grey-green leaves. Native to calif. coast ranges. Likes sun, fast-draining soil, better in clay soil if... Learn more.

Here is a healthy specimen of Dicentra chrysantha, Golden Eardrops. - grid24_12
Dicentra chrysantha Golden Eardrops

Dicentra chrysantha, Golden Eardrops, is a gray perennial 2 feet tall with 4 feet spikes of yellow flowers. Flowers May - July. Found in the interior coast ranges and Sierra Nevada Range. cold tolera... Learn more.

The sticky monkey flower - grid24_12
Diplacus aurantiacus Sticky Monkey Flower

Diplacus aurantiacus, Sticky Monkey flower is the coastal form of Mimulus aurantiacus, a perennial with 1" orange flowers that likes partial shade if planted in the interior sun if it is along the c... Learn more.

The Sierra form of sticky monkey flower - grid24_12
Diplacus aurantiacus 'Sierra monkey flower' Sierra Monkey Flower

A monkey flower from the mid elevations of the central and northern Sierra Nevada mountains. Diplacus (Mimulus) aurantiacus is a little nicer looking than the common coastal form, flowers are the sam... Learn more.

The yellow monkey flower from the Southern Sierra - grid24_12
Diplacus calycinus Rock Monkey Flower

Diplacus calycinus, Kaweah River bush Monkey Flower, is a little startling to see; a lovely butter-yellow-flowered monkey flower in full sun amongst the cacti and saltbush or sticking out of what ap... Learn more.

Diplacus longiflorus is sometimes called Mimulus aurantiacus, which is what they call almost all the monkey flowers. It's like everyone is Bob and Mary. - grid24_12
Diplacus longiflorus Southern Monkey Flower

Diplacus longiflorus is a very large-flowered monkey flower that is native on the Santa Margarita nursery site. Southern Monkey Flower is a one to three foot perennial with masses of creamy yellow ... Learn more.

Spunky Agoura Monkey makes a beautiful peachy mound. hard to believe this grows in dry Southern California. This Monkey Flower  is sometimes called Mimulus aurantiacus, which is what they call almost all the monkey flowers. It's like everyone is Bob and Mary. - grid24_12
Diplacus longiflorus 'Agoura Spunky Monkey' Agoura Spunky Monkey Flower

This Monkey Flower (Diplacus or Mimulus) is native to the Agoura area. It commonly grows in washes, under the oaks or in rock outcroppings in all but the hottest spots. The associates for this monkey... Learn more.

Red Monkey is red - grid24_12
Diplacus puniceus Red Monkey Flower

Red monkey flower is a two foot high evergreen shrub with red flowers most of the year. The species ranges from Los Angeles county to San Diego county, California. Diplacus puniceus likes partial sha... Learn more.

Bert's Raspberry flavor of Diplacus puniceus - grid24_12
Diplacus puniceus 'Bert's Raspberry' Bert's Raspberry Monkey Flower

Bert's Raspberry Monkey flower (Mimulus 'Bert's Raspberry' or Diplacus puniceus 'Berts Raspberry') has really large flowers with a striking Raspberry color. We found this variety in the Nursery, in a ... Learn more.

Wonderful color, hummingbirds love it. - grid24_12
Diplacus puniceus X var. clevelandii 'San Diego Sunrise' San Diego Sunrise monkeyflower

Diplacus puniceusX San Diego Sunrise is an attractive monkey flower with red flowers that turn an orangey -yellow with maturity and shiny, dark green foliage. Or, sometimes they will be yellow flower... Learn more.

Diplacus rutilus, velvet red monkey flowers. - grid24_12
Diplacus rutilus Santa Susana Monkey Flower

Santa Susana Monkey Flower, Diplacus rutilus. is a perennial with large 2 inch velvet red flowers that grows in rock outcroppings in decomposed granite along the north side of Los Angeles. A knock ... Learn more.

Dodecatheon clevelandii, Padre's Shooting Star, blooms in late winter in San Luis Obispo county, California. - grid24_12
Dodecatheon clevelandii Padre's shooting star

Small perennial, goes dormant in summer, has a 1 foot high flower cluster with 1/2 inch shooting stars, good in woodland garden or north slope. We ship them in Jan-Feb. This plant is one of the first ... Learn more.

Dodecatheon clevelandii var. insulare

Island shooting star is a perennial wildflower with pink flowers that hang pendant with petals thrown back. Island shooting star is similar to Padres Shooting Star, Dodecatheon clevelandii, but a lit... Learn more.

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