Plants For Chaparral

Calystegia macrostegia, California  Morning Glory - grid24_12
Calystegia macrostegia California Morning Glory

This coastal/Island Morning Glory is a twining vine with large creamy flowers. Calystegia macrostegia is native in rocky areas of coastal chaparral and coastal sage scrub on most of the channel islan... Learn more.

Hillside false bindweed grows in some of the grasslands around San luis Obispo.  - grid24_12
Calystegia subacaulis var. ssp. episcopalis Morning-Glory

Twining perennial, large creamy-white flowers, beautiful triangular leaves, full sun to part shade, coastal sage scrub/chaparral/ oak woodland, clay/ serpentine soil, some associates are Bloomeria cr... Learn more.

Carex fracta. Fragile Sheath Sedge - grid24_12
Carex fracta Fragile Sheathed Sedge

A beautiful green perennial that lives in mountain meadows, road cuts, rocky slopes, and seeps. The soil can be fairly dry, but as it dries out the foliage will fade. This sedge looks kinda like som... Learn more.

Bush Anemone,  Carpenteria californica is a nice clean bush that explodes into flower. Try this plant in a container or large pot if you have a deck or patio. - grid24_12
Carpenteria californica Bush Anemone

Bush Anemone, Carpenteria californica is an evergreen shrub, 6' by 3' in the garden, 8 ft. X 12 ft. with a 6-12 inch trunk in the wild. Carpenteria is native to the foothills of Fresno County, wher... Learn more.

Castilleja foliolosa, Woolly Indian Paintbrush with gray foliage and orange flowers - grid24_12
Castilleja foliolosa Woolly Indian Paintbrush

My God what is this? The common statement of hikers when they first see this plant growing on south facing slopes in rocky lousy soils. A semi-parasitic perennial that can grow by itself but likes to ... Learn more.

Castilleja subinclusa Long-leaf paintbrush - grid24_12
Castilleja subinclusa Long-leaf paintbrush

(Castilleja Jepsonii) This paintbrush grows in association with California buckwheat, Desert Buckwheat and great Basin Sage along the east side of the southern Sierras through the Transverse ranges an... Learn more.

Ceanothus Blue Jeans flowers - grid24_12
Ceanothus 'Blue Jeans' Holly Leaf Mountain Lilac

Ceanothus 'Blue Jeans' is a six by six evergreen mountain lilac with holly-like leaves and lavender flowers. This hybrid Ceanothus needs full sun to retain its form and to produce the most flowers ... Learn more.

Ceanothus Celestial Blue makes an interesting flower show. - grid24_12
Ceanothus 'Celestial Blue' Celeste's California Lilac

Ceanothus Celestial Blue is a very blue,sometimes purple, (with some red-flowered) California lilac with a light fragrance that smells edible (a grape tart). This is a medium bush, that could be ut... Learn more.

Ceanothus Concha is a very photogenic Mountain Lilac. Flowers can range from almost pink to royal Blue and into deep sky blue.  - grid24_12
Ceanothus 'Concha' California Mountain Lilac

Ceanothus 'Concha' is one of the oldest and best Ceanothus hybrids. Ours are 4' high by 4' wide, and they grow larger in milder climates. This cultivar has deep blue flowers, is drought tolerant, and... Learn more.

Ceanothus death star - grid24_12
Ceanothus 'Dark Star' Small Leaf Mtn Lilac

This is a hybrid with one of the parents being Ceanothus impressus. 6' high and 8' wide, evergreen, small curled leaves, deep blue flowers (almost deep purple). I've seen these covered with sooty mol... Learn more.

Ceanothus Frosty Blue flower will turn deep blue on cold years. - grid24_12
Ceanothus 'Frosty Blue' Frosty Blue Mountain Blue

Ceanothus 'Frosty Blue' is an evergreen mountain lilac that grows to six or eight feet tall and about as wide. A little nipping here and there can move it taller or narrower. The flowers are a medium... Learn more.

This Ceanothus Joyce Coulter was in Greg Rubins' back yard in Escondido - grid24_12
Ceanothus 'Joyce Coulter' Creeping Mountain Lilac

Ceanothus Joyce Coulter' is an evergreen mountain lilac ground cover, 2 foot high by 8 foot wide, (but can be much taller or wider depending on how you prune it, the sun it receives, the water rece... Learn more.

Ceanothus Julia Phelps with a Checkerspot Butterfly - grid24_12
Ceanothus 'Julia Phelps' Small Leaf Mountain Lilac

Julia Phelps reaches six feet near coast, and eight feet inland, produces very showy, dark blue-purple flowers. The leaves are small and crinkly, foliage is a dark- green. The whole plant appears ... Learn more.

Ceanothus LT blue flowers has red blue flowers - grid24_12
Ceanothus 'L.T. Blue' White Bark Mountain Lilac

Ceanothus L.T. Blue is ten feet tall and four feet wide. This mountain lilac gets most of its characteristics from Ceanothus  leucodermis; white bark , medium blue flowers, and glossy rounded leave... Learn more.

Close up of Ceanothus Mill's Glory flowers. Un-watered California native plants can better than watered non-native plants. - grid24_12
Ceanothus 'Mills Glory' Holly Leaved California Mountain Lilac

Mill's Glory California lilac is an evergreen ground cover, 2-3' high by 8' wide, denim blue flowers, holly leaves with dark green, glossy foliage. Believed to be a hybrid between Ceanothus purpure... Learn more.

Ceanothus Ray Hartman - grid24_12
Ceanothus 'Ray Hartman' Mountain Lilac

The 'Ray Hartman' form of mountain lilac is an evergreen shrub to 15 ft. or so.. The flowers are light to medium blue in 6" flower spikes. The 6" leaves are glossy and dark-green. It is very fast ... Learn more.

Remote Blue Ceanothus has sky blue flowers(yes the sky looks like that) - grid24_12
Ceanothus 'Remote Blue Ceanothus' Bush Lilac

Ceanothus 'Remote Blue' is a hybrid that arose on the nursery grounds, and is believed to be a hybrid between Ceanothus oliganthus var. sorediatus and Ceanothus griseus. A mountain lilac with dark gl... Learn more.

deep blue flowers of the Tassajar Blue - grid24_12
Ceanothus 'Tassajara Blue Ceanothus' Mountain Lilac

Ceanothus Tassajara Blue mountain lilac has glossy, deep green leaves, medium blue flowers, on an upright bush to 6-8 ft. high and 5-8 ft. wide. A hybrid with Ceanothus arboreus and Ceanothus gris... Learn more.

Ceanothus Wheeler Canyon - grid24_12
Ceanothus 'Wheeler Canyon' Blue Mtn. Lilac

A hybrid Ceanothus that looks a great deal like a squat 'Concha'. Flowers are small but numerous. Often covering the entire plant. 'Wheeler Canyon' stays in the 6-ft height range, but can sprawl to ... Learn more.

Ceanothus  arboreus,  Owlwood's Blue Mountain Lilac can have large flower clusters. - grid24_12
Ceanothus arboreus Tree Lilac

Tree Lilac or  Island Mt. Lilac, Ceanothus arboreus, grows fast to 20' high 10' wide with large dark green leaves, medimum blue flowers in 6" spikes, good where you want a large fast filler. Use w... Learn more.

Ceanothus crassifolius in flower in the wild south of Corona - grid24_12
Ceanothus crassifolius Hoary-leaved Ceanothus

A large shrub, small tree, to 12 ft, white flowers, native to S.Ca. mountains, crinkly leaves 1/4-1/2" leaves with white fuzzy undersides, a tough plant, for interior Ca., drought resistant, should be... Learn more.

The white form of Buckbrush, Ceanothus cuneatus - grid24_12
Ceanothus cuneatus Buckbrush

Buckbrush or Wedgeleaf Ceanothus is a fragrant evergreen shrub, flowers vary from blue to white, in Mar-May. Native from Oregon to Baja in the coast ranges and Sierra Nevada mountains. Likes full su... Learn more.

The sierra form of buckbrush - grid24_12
Ceanothus cuneatus 'Sierra mt. lilac' Sierra Buckbrush

This is the Sierra form of Buckbrush, (Ceanothus cuneatus) and is commonly associated with Coffeeberry( Rhamnus californica tomentella), Flowering Ash ( Fraxinus dipetala) and Mountain Mahogany ( C... Learn more.

San Diego mountain lilac, Ceanothus cyaneus - grid24_12
Ceanothus cyaneus San Diego Mtn. Lilac

San Diego Mountain Lilac is a medium-sized evergreen shrub that is covered with light blue flowers in spring. This Ceanothus has a reputation for being short-lived (10years), but it lives for fifty... Learn more.

Ceanothus Sierra Blue flowers. The Ceanotus cyaneus color shows in this photo - grid24_12
Ceanothus cyaneus x 'Sierra Blue Ceanothus' San Diego Mt. Lilac

Ceanothus Sierra Blue is very fast and showy Ceanothus cyaneus hybrid Mountain Lilac that makes an evergreen shrub to 15 ft. Ceanothus Sierra Blue likes sun, is garden tolerant and drought toleran... Learn more.

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