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Baby Bear manzanita bush has dark red bark, bright rose pink flowers, liked by hummingbirds, butterflies, bumblebees and other native bees, easy to grow, tolerates most soils, Baby Bear manzanita is a huggable when young.&nbsp; The height seems to be about seven feet and width about eight feet.The bush can be easily pruned to five feet both vertically and wide.'Baby Bear' manzanita can be used as a six to eight foot hedge. The bright pink flowers are very showy and stay for about sixty days. This manzanita bush has a goodly amount of nectar in it's flowers that is used by hummingbirds, butterflies and many native insects.<br> Baby bear seems to tolerate many conditions and be happy as a bear in most of California. - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos 'Baby Bear Manzanita Bush' Manzanita by the baby bear

'Baby Bear' manzanita has dark red almost purple bark, bright rose pink flowers, liked by hummingbirds, butterflies, bumblebees and other native bees, easy to grow, tolerates most soils, Baby Bear man... Learn more.

Arctostaphylos La Panza manzanita - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos 'La Panza' Grey manzanita

'La Panza' manzanita is a hybrid of ... Learn more.

The flowers of Arctostaphylos Margarita Pearl - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos 'Margarita Pearl' Big Big berry manzanita

Margarita Pearl manzanita is a seedling of Arctostaphylos glauca that has very large flowers and berries. We're not sure if it is all Big Berry manzanita(glauca) or a hybrid between glauca and wellsii... Learn more.

The flowers of Sonoma Manzanita - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos 'Sonoma Manzanita Bush' Stanford Manzanita

Sonoma manzanita was not impressive until it flowered. The large pink flowers made quite an impression on everyone. The foliage is neat, green, and glossy. The bark is deep red and clean. A nice pla... Learn more.

An old picture of Arctostaphylos canescens. - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos canescens Hoary Manzanita

Hoary Manzanita is an evergray shrub to 6', and grows in sand or rocky soil along the northern California coast. This species needs good drainage (no standing water after 60 minutes in a 1 foot deep ... Learn more.

Arctostaphylos crustacea, Brittleleaf Manzanita  - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos crustacea Brittleleaf Manzanita

Brittleleaf Manzanita is an evergreen shrub 3-4' in height. The new name is Arctostaphylos tomentosa ssp. crustacea. Possessing light- green leaves on reddish stems, a basal burl, bright little pink f... Learn more.

Arctostaphylos cruzensis south of Los Osos.  - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos cruzensis Arroyo de la Cruz Manzanita

This manzanita is a little shrub that grows to 2-3' tall and 4-5' in width. It has auriculate leaves that are gray on smooth dark red stems. It grows on old ocean beaches and bluffs from San Luis Obis... Learn more.

Flowers and leaves of Arctostaphylos cushingiana - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos cushingiana Mound Manzanita

This species is now considered Arctostaphylos glandulosa ssp. cushingiana. A sprawling evergreen shrub to 2' tall and 6' wide, with fuzzy (fine tomentose) stems, and gray foliage, Mouse Mound Manz... Learn more.

Arctostaphylos glandulosa campbelliae, I swear  all the glandulosas look the same. - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos glandulosa var. campbelliae Eastwood Manzanita

Evergreen bush manzanita, usually about 4' tall. It has 1 1/2" gray leaves, red- brown stems. Among the toughest of the manzanita, roots and spreads to 10' wide, usually on sandstone or clay. This wou... Learn more.

Arctostaohylos glandulosa flower and bush - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos glandulosa var. glandulosa Eastwood's manzanita

Eastwood's manzanita is a very diverse manzanita that grows in the coastal mountains of much of California. The botanists have been arguing for years about varieties, forms, subspecies of this species... Learn more.

Arctostaphylos glandulosa zacaensis, San Marcos Manzanita - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos glandulosa var. zacaensis 'San Marcos Manzanita'

A very stable, low-growing manzanita with green foliage and red bark. Sun to part shade, a little extra water in spring, boulder mulch, throw in a small pine tree (P. Jeffreyi or P. attenuata) and you... Learn more.

Arctostaphylos glauca from Frazier Park flower, plant makes a mound about 4 ft tall and 8 ft wide. - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos glauca 'Frazier Park Manzanita' Mt. Pinos Manzanita

This Big Berry manzanita was selected from John's property in the Lake of the Woods/Frazier Park area. Elevation was about 5000 feet in full sun mixed with ... Learn more.

The flowers of the Big Berry Manzanita from the Santa Monica Mountains in west Los Angeles.  Notice the resin dots on the pedicels. - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos glauca 'Los Angeles' Los Angeles Big Berry Manzanita

Arctostaphylos glauca "Los Angeles" AKA LA glauca is a Big Berry manzanita from the Santa Monica Mountains. This one was originally collected by Bert Wilson in the area of Mulholland Hwy and Kanan Rd.... Learn more.

Arctostaphylos glauca, Ramona Big Berry Manzanita - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos glauca 'Ramona Manzanita' Ramona Big Berry Manzanita

Ramona Big Berry Manzanita is a medium sized Manzanita with blue gray foliage and white flowers. A really glorious Big Berry manzanita from the San Vicente/Ramona area. The mother plant was growing ... Learn more.

For awhile we were growing a weird manzanita from a stand of Big Berry. - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos glauca var. Dwaine's Dwarf Dwaine's Dwarf

See Arctostaphylos glauca for horticultural information. I found this plant on a customer's property southwest of Paso Robles California. The house site was carved out of a stand of almost solid Arc... Learn more.

Arctostaphylos glandulosa mollis, and then it set seed and we had to change it to glandulosa x glauca. - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos glauca-glandulosa Weird Manzanita

Arctostaphylos glandulosa x glauca, or glauca X glandulosa, is an evergreen bush, usually about 4-6' tall. It has 1 1/2" gray leaves, red-brown stems. Among the toughest of the manzanitas, roots and s... Learn more.

Arctostaphylos luciana in the wild up on Cuesta ridge, north of San Luis Obispo. - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos luciana 'Adelaide Manzanita' Santa Lucia Manzanita

Santa Lucia Manzanita is a rare, evergreen shrub, 2' by 6' with 1" white leaves and red bark. It grows in rocky shale, in San Luis Obispo County and is much whiter and lower than Arctostaphylos obisp... Learn more.

Arctostaphylos manzanita - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos manzanita 'Real manzanita' Manzanita Tree

This is the Real Manzanita, Arctostaphylos manzanita from northern California. Bark is red, leaves a grey-green, flowers are wonderful white clusters glistening in the morning sun. Ah, grows in red cl... Learn more.

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