Plants For Central Oak Woodland

Juniperus californica, California Juniper, has lovely blue fruits,  fragrant green foliage, and grows in  pinyon-juniper woodland, for one.  - grid24_12
Juniperus californica California Juniper

Shrub-tree, bluish berries, 10-15\', no water after established, coast ranges and Sierras, edible berries. Very alkali tolerant. It is very ornamental! This tree has bluish-gray foliage and is drought... Learn more.

Keckiella breviflora, Yawning Penstemon, is so pale, with purple lines, and ranges from the valley to the mountains of California.  - grid24_12
Keckiella breviflora Yawning Penstemon

This bush penstemon is a sprawling subshrub that usually props itself up on a rock or neighbor so you can see the purple striped, white flowers. Keckiella breviflora is a plant for tough situations a... Learn more.

Koeleria macrantha, June Grass flower head - grid24_12
Koeleria macrantha June Grass

A small perennial grass that looks like it belongs in a Japanese Garden. Although it grows in pine wood and heavy chaparral I've seen it only on the edge of a coastal prairie site at Vandenberg Air Fo... Learn more.

In this very old photo, circa 1980, Lasthenia glabrata, Goldfields, is here living up to its name, in the shadscale scrub of the Carrizo Plains, San Luis Obispo county, California. - grid24_12
Lasthenia glabrata Goldfields

A small little early spring annual that is a pioneer species in many bad habitats. In the San Joaquin Valley it makes mass displays of bright yellow in areas that are still intact. It will grow in any... Learn more.

Lathyrus vestitus Wild Pea - grid24_12
Lathyrus vestitus Wild Pea

Pacific pea is a perennial with twining stems, with tendrils, eastern slope, after fire, chaparral, scattered annuals assoc., and crown-sprouting shrubs, Cercocarpus betuloides, Heteromeles arbutifol... Learn more.

Lewisia cotyledon, Siskiyou Lewsia, here flowering in its native plant community, with scree soil. - grid24_12
Lewisia cotyledon Siskiyou Lewsia

Perennial, flowers rose-pink, 2" across, June, narrow, red-green leaves form basal rosette in early spring, leaves die back in June, British Colombia to San Bernardino Mtns. to Rocky Mtns., not alkali... Learn more.

Linum lewisii, Blue Flax, has flowers of the most sky-blue, and each flower only seems to last one day, and so are even more precious.  - grid24_12
Linum lewisii Blue Flax

A 2-3 foot perennial with delicate leaves and true blue sky flowers from Mar. to Sept.. Native to middle to high elevations, Alaska to southern California. A good garden flower. Showy, every morning ... Learn more.

Here reposes Lithophragma heterophylla, Woodland Star, in a very old camcorder photo, circa 1992, in the Santa Margarita garden. - grid24_12
Lithophragma heterophylla

Perennial herb, small, 12" white flowers, plant seems to disappear in summer heat, for woodland garden, north slope, full shade, a plant for mossy areas. It was native on our site but was lost after t... Learn more.

Seeds of Lace parsley - grid24_12
Lomatium dasycarpum Woolly fruit desert parsley

Woolly fruit desert parsley grows in openings in the chaparral, coastal sage scrub, up into the pines of Mt. Pinos and Mt. Laguna, through the Sierras and coast ranges below 7000 ft. The larval of the... Learn more.

Lomatium utriculatum Common Lomatium - grid24_12
Lomatium utriculatum Common Lomatium

Common lomatium, in edge of field, surrounded by alien grasses and dicot weeds, Source: eastern San Luis Obispo County, California, March 8, 1997. perennial, slender taproot, fls. yellow, clay-loam so... Learn more.

Lonicera interrupta, Chaparral Honeysuckle, is a quiet background plant that grows well in the shade of oaks, and also likes morning sun.  - grid24_12
Lonicera interrupta Chaparral Honeysuckle

A sprawling, deciduous shrub with yellow honeysuckle flowers. Native from central and northern California mountains. It likes full sun to shade, dry conditions. Great on banks. It has edible berry b... Learn more.

Lotus purshianus, Spanish clover, Spanish Lotus  - grid24_12
Lotus purshianus Lotus

This annual Lotus, weedy plant of roadsides, open, dry, disturbed areas, thickly branched, fixes nitrogen. CA(exc DSon), to CAN, cUS, Mex. Used for soil stabilization and forage for livestock. Larval ... Learn more.

Lotus strigosus flower - grid24_12
Lotus strigosus Annual Lotus

Bishop's Lotus is an annual, hairy, prostrate, with small flowers yellow turning orange-reddish, prostrate, grows in disturbed areas, of coastal sage scrub, chaparral, woodland, deserts. This genus ... Learn more.

Silver Bush Lupine, Lupinus albifrons - grid24_12
Lupinus albifrons Silver Bush Lupine

Sliver Bush Lupine is a 3-5' perennial with flowers 3" blue spikes on a white-silver bush. Many varieties range from S. Ore. to N. Baja. It needs full sun, good drainage, will tolerate some water but... Learn more.

an old picture of Lupinus deniflorus aureus, Golden Lupine in Buttonwillow. - grid24_12
Lupinus densiflorus var. aureus Golden Lupine

An annual that grows to about a foot high and two foot across. It has nice yellow flowers. I saw it in flower in 1993 in the Buttonwillow area. It was the only native left alive in the area that was o... Learn more.

Field Lupine, Lupinus nanus flowers - grid24_12
Lupinus nanus Sky Lupine

Field Lupine is fragrant annual that covers many of the fields from Santa Barbara to Santa Cruz inland to the Sierras. Native on the nursery site in full sun on sandy loam to clay. Nitrogen fixing. Learn more.

Shining Netvein Barberry Mahonia dictyota flowers. The plants are SO slow I'm not sure we'll ever have any for sale. A decade for a gallon plant. If we get them into the nursery they will be about $50 per plants. - grid24_12
Mahonia dictyota

California mahonia (Berberis dictyota, why not californica, don't know) grows in isolated spots from mountains around Redding down to Baja. The plant vary from a foot high mat to a minithicket six fee... Learn more.

Malacothamnus fremontii,  Fremont's Bush Mallow flowers - grid24_12
Malacothamnus fremontii Fremont's Bush Mallow

Malacothamnus fremontii , Fremont's Bush Mallow grows in the hills of the coast ranges and the Sierra Nevada from about Modesto, Stockon to Sacramento. Flowers are pink on very fuzzy foliage. Spread... Learn more.

Malacothamnus marrubioides, Pinkflowered Bushmallow,  is a common inhabitant of the central California chaparral. - grid24_12
Malacothamnus marrubioides Pinkflowered Bushmallow

Pink flowered Bushmallow is an evergreen shrub to four foot with gray leaves and pink flowers. Native to the mountains of central California. It likes part-sun and dry conditions. Small birds love th... Learn more.

Melica californica California Melica - grid24_12
Melica californica California Melica

California melica is common in many sites ranging from oak covered north slopes to gullies covered with Baccharis. Common associated plants are Diplacus, Ferns, Lonicera, and Ribes. Use in moist rock ... Learn more.

Melica imperfecta,  California Melic - grid24_12
Melica imperfecta California Melic

California Melic is a two feet high delicate perennial grass. In inland areas commonly on east/north slope, in part shade, under trees and shrubs, Pinus sabiniana, Quercus agrifolia, in oak woodland... Learn more.

Mentha arvensis, Field Mint, is one of the mint species that is used commercially in mint tea.  - grid24_12
Mentha arvensis Field Mint

A small little 1' perennial with a small blue flower clusters on a spike of scented green leaves. This one grows at higher elevations along creeks and in meadows. It has managed to make its way around... Learn more.

Mimulus fremontii - grid24_12
Mimulus fremontii

A delicate little perennial that grows in sandy scree areas throughout much of Central and S. Calif.. Not available in the trade (or through us) it is included here for identification. Click here for... Learn more.

Mirabilis californica, Wishbone Bush flowers - grid24_12
Mirabilis californica Wishbone Bush

Wishbone Bush is a trailing to ascending perennial sub-shrub with many stems arising from base, pretty, rose-pink flowers, undergoes dormancy after flowering . Place in out-of-the-way spot where dry... Learn more.

Mirabilis multiflora flowering in May. - grid24_12
Mirabilis multiflora Froebel's Four-O'Clock

Mirabilis multiflora is a small perennial that peeks out from under rocks with magenta flowers. Native from the southern San Joaquin to Baja it ranges to the coast in San Diego. Useful in dry perenni... Learn more.

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