Plants For Central Oak Woodland

A Callippe Fritillary Butterfly, Speyeria callippe on a Monardella antonina - grid24_12
Monardella antonina Butterfly Mint Bush

Butterfly Mint Bush, Monardella antonina (sounds better than San Antonio Hills Monardella) is a one foot perennial covered with balls of pale purple with some pink, being worked constantly by every... Learn more.

Monardella breweri Mustang Mint - grid24_12
Monardella breweri Mustang Mint

This annual grows in open areas of gravelly sandy soil. If weeds overcome area it will die out. Very fragrant and colorful. We do not sell seed and so far as I know none is available but I hope you no... Learn more.

Palmer's Butterfly Mint, Monardella palmeri - grid24_12
Monardella palmeri

A 6" perennial. It leaves are small and green reddish purple. Its flowers are lavender in a 1" cluster during the summer. It grows on serpentine in Santa Lucia Mts, Monterey to San Luis Obispo in part... Learn more.

Monardella villosa in an herb garden. - grid24_12
Monardella villosa Coyote Mint

Coyote Mint, Monardella villosa, is a two-foot-high perennial with gray-green leaves and light purple clusters of flowers in summer. This Monardella is native to the California coast ranges. This c... Learn more.

This Fritilary was on Monardella villosa obispoensis above Big Sur - grid24_12
Monardella villosa var. obispoensis San Luis Obispo coyote mint

This Monardella is a fuzzy little perennial with large pale pinkish lavender flowers that are relished by butterflies, and occasionally a hummingbird that's looking for a breath freshener. Smells li... Learn more.

Monardella viridis, Green Monardella flower - grid24_12
Monardella viridis Green Monardella

Green Monardella is covered with purple flowers in early summer. M. viridis occurs on dry slopes and ridges in Sonoma County. Seems to be fine here. A collectors item Learn more.

Monolopia lanceolata Common Monolopia - grid24_12
Monolopia lanceolata Common Monolopia

A very showy annual native that lives in openings throughout the interior. Monolopia is one of the annuals that were part of the spring flush(moisture and energy capture) of many of the interior (non... Learn more.

Montia perifoliata Miner's Lettuce - grid24_12
Montia perfoliata Miner's Lettuce

The delicate little plants commonly under Oaks in spring. These plants give the appearance of a lush fairy woodland to the Nursery in Spring, by mid-summer they've completely disappeared. Other forms ... Learn more.

Muhlenbergia rigens,  Deer Grass, is shown here with flowering stalks on the edge of a garden path. This native grass has all sorts of uses. - grid24_12
Muhlenbergia rigens Deer Grass

Deer grass is a 3 foot perennial with 2 foot plumes rising above the plant. Muhlenbergia rigens looks like a small pampas grass but without the bad leaf cuts and the aggressive seeding. Native to much... Learn more.

Orthocarpus densiflorus, Owl's Clover in a field of grassy weeds - grid24_12
Orthocarpus densiflorus Owl's Clover

A semi-parasitic annual common in areas that still have some annual native plants left. Difficult to grow in anything other than a wildflower mix. Learn more.

Pellaea andromedifolia, Coffee Fern, is here in California chaparral.  - grid24_12
Pellaea andromedifolia Coffee Fern

Coffee Fern a one or even two foot tall fern that is native to cismontane California. Pellaea andromedaefolia or) andromedifolia is native to sun in cooler climates and to shade at the nursery site. ... Learn more.

Penstemon Margarita BOP flowers vary from purple to blue depending on water and temperature.  - grid24_12
Penstemon 'Margarita BOP' Foothill or Mountain Penstemon

Penstemon heterophyllus X 'Margarita BOP' is a nice tidy perennial that looks like candy tuft or a dwarf boxwood when not in flower, and a mass of bright sky blue to reddish purple flowers when in ... Learn more.

Penstemon centranthifolius is loved by hummingbirds - grid24_12
Penstemon centranthifolius Scarlet Bugler

Penstemon centranthifolius Is an one to two foot perennial with a 2-4' spike of one to two inch red flowers in April-July. Native to dry slopes in the coast ranges and Southern Sierras up to 6500'... Learn more.

Costa's Hummingbird on Mojave beardtongue, Penstemon incertus. This native plant grows along the Southern Sierras. - grid24_12
Penstemon incertus Western Desert Penstemon

Penstemon incertus is showy sky blue flowered perennial about 2 ft by 2ft with gray foliage. Desert Penstemon grows along the desert edges from north L.A. to Lone Pine. At the top of Walker Pass it m... Learn more.

Phacelia imbricata, Pine Bee Flower - grid24_12
Phacelia imbricata Pine Bee Flower

A gray perennial that grows on the nursery site under pine trees. The fuzzy white flowers are well liked by many native wasps, flies, bee flies and ants. They're a-buzz with activity in May. Learn more.

Phacelia tanacetifolia Lacy Phacelia - grid24_12
Phacelia tanacetifolia Lacy Phacelia

An annual wildflower of sizable portions that grows under creosote and other desert shrubs in the Mojave, Quercus dumosa, Q. Douglasiana and Juniperus californica and other dryland trees in the Califo... Learn more.

Here is a closeup photo of the fragrant flowers of Philadelphus lewisii, Wild Mock Orange. - grid24_12
Philadelphus lewisii Wild Mock Orange

(Munz and McMinn both divide Philadelphus lewisii into two subspecies, but plants from both locations 'key out' the same here.) Wild Mock Orange is a deciduous shrub that grows fast to 6 ft. in heig... Learn more.

This is a specimen of Pinus attenuata, Knobcone Pine, in its native habitat in central California, of mixed evergreen forest.  - grid24_12
Pinus attenuata Knobcone Pine

Knobcone Pine is a 50 ft green pine. Native in mountains of Calif., Ore.. Knobcone Pine likes fertile soil and regular water. It is native where the rainfall is 30+ inches. It is useful because it is... Learn more.

Pinus coulteri on pure serpentine - grid24_12
Pinus coulteri Coulter Pine

Coulter pine is a green to grey conifer that is native to the central and southern coast ranges of California. Stocky and gray inland, tall and greener in the forest. At lower elevations hard to tell ... Learn more.

Pinus monophylla, Pinyon Pine, is growing here among boulders in Joshua Tree National Monument, Mojave Desert, California. - grid24_12
Pinus monophylla Pinyon Pine

A very slow growing conifer. Do not expect 15 ft. in your lifetime. The biggest one we've been able to grow was about 3' tall in 7 years. It has 1" grey green needles , edible nuts, ( twenty years to ... Learn more.

A young digger pine - grid24_12
Pinus sabiniana Gray Pine

Gray Pine. Foothill Pine. This conifer grows fast to 45 ft. in 15 years. It can gradually get to 75' in 200 years. The foliage is gray green,lacy, fairly open and it is sometimes called the see-throug... Learn more.

Pityrogramma triangularis, Goldback Fern, or Pentagramma triangularis ssp. triangularis, is an amazing plant, growing in shade in central oak woodland, Santa Margarita, California. - grid24_12
Pityrogramma triangularis Goldenback Fern

A 1 foot fern. It goes dormant in summer without water. It has dark green fronds, the underside coated with a yellowish powder. In the nursery it is native to shady, rocky areas. Native to cismontane ... Learn more.

In this photo you can see the pattern of the bark of a Platanus racemosa, California Sycamore, growing in Arroyo Grande, California.  - grid24_12
Platanus racemosa California Sycamore

A fast 75' deciduous tree. It will grow to 15-20 ft. in 5-10 years. It is along creeks in the foothills and coast ranges of Calif.. It takes takes wind, heat, but not drought tolerant until establishe... Learn more.

Platystemon californicus, Cream Cups - grid24_12
Platystemon californicus Cream Cups

A annual wildflower. In the past it was common in open fields and following fires. Now largely replaced with weedy annual grasses, starthistle, and mustard. Cream cups used to be included in wildflowe... Learn more.

Plectritis ciliosa - grid24_12
Plectritis ciliosa

(P. Californica) A pretty pink-flowered annual that commonly grows on north slopes in the shade of Quercus douglasii, Pinus Sabiniana, etc., mixed with Poa and Stipa. Usually occurs in small colo... Learn more.

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