Plants For Closed-cone Pine Forest

Malacothamnus palmeri - grid24_12
Malacothamnus palmeri

The pink flowers set atop a fuzzy gray shrub. It grows in openings in heavy chaparral and mixed evergreen forest. The soil is adobe/shale to red clay. The associated species are Quercus agrifolia, Ade... Learn more.

The flowers of Mimulus cardinalis, Scarlet Monkey Flower, have an unusual shape or form in comparison to many other Mimulus species.  - grid24_12
Mimulus cardinalis Scarlet Monkey Flower

A perennial to 3'. It likes sun to full shade and regular water. It has 2" red tubular flowers most of the year. An aggressive seeder that should be used in revegetation or large gardens, (or for thos... Learn more.

Mimulus moschatus Musk Flower

A seep monkey flower from the forests of central and northern California. Click here for more about Monkeys in Learn more.

Monardella subglabra, Butterfly Mint Bush, with a painted lady butterfly.  - grid24_12
Monardella subglabra Butterfly Mint Bush

Monardella subglabra, Butterfly Mint Bush, is a one foot tall perennial covered with one inch purple flowers in Jun-Jul. Butterfly Mint bush has a mint odor but much less than many others. Native to... Learn more.

Myrica californica, Pacific Wax Myrtle leaves - grid24_12
Myrica californica Pacific Wax Myrtle

Pacific Wax Myrtle is an evergreen shrub or tree to 15 feet, and is native to the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington. Pacific Wax Myrtle grows in full sun in coastal areas, and does best in a... Learn more.

Osmaronia cerasiformis Oso Berry - grid24_12
Osmaronia cerasiformis Oso Berry

Oso Berry, Osmaronia cerasiformis, is found in the wild  in either relatively highly forested areas in part or high shade or north slopes in fairly moist partial shade, sandy topsoil, clay subsoil. U... Learn more.

This is a specimen of Pinus attenuata, Knobcone Pine, in its native habitat in central California, of mixed evergreen forest.  - grid24_12
Pinus attenuata Knobcone Pine

Knobcone Pine is a 50 ft green pine. Native in mountains of Calif., Ore.. Knobcone Pine likes fertile soil and regular water. It is native where the rainfall is 30+ inches. It is useful because it is... Learn more.

Pinus attenuata x radiata, P. attenuradiata, is a hybrid pine that we are growing out. - grid24_12
Pinus attenuataXradiata Monty Knob

A hybrid developed for interior plantings. It is ok, more stable than Monterey Pine. Similar in many ways to Knobcone but faster. Use on a spot where you want a small (30-40' ) pine . In most cases th... Learn more.

Pinus contorta ssp. contorta, Beach Pine, grows well in coastal environments in California. - grid24_12
Pinus contorta var. contorta Beach Pine

A midget pine that grows along the Northern California coast to Alaska. It's good for bonsai. Do not expect a straight tree as they are always crooked and windswept. It will grow right on coastal clif... Learn more.

Pinus muricata, Bishop Pine, is found on the coast and in the coastal mountains from forests to chaparral.  - grid24_12
Pinus muricata Bishop Pine

Pinus muricata, Bishop Pine,  is a fast dark green pine to 40 ft. It is good to use in place of Pinus radiata for fence hedge. It's excellent near coast. We've had very good luck inland. There is one ... Learn more.

Pinus radiata,  Monterey Pine,  is a popular tree in California landscapes, though it grows best along the immediate coast.  - grid24_12
Pinus radiata Monterey Pine

A very fast conifer to 70 ft.. It has dark green foliage and is native along the coast of Monterey, Ca.. It likes full sun. It is garden tolerant. It is fast growing. It's smog sensitive and wind tole... Learn more.

Pinus radiata, Cambria Pine, is shown in this photo, in the closed-cone pine forest of Cambria, California, circa early 1980. - grid24_12
Pinus radiata var. macrocarpa Cambria Pine

Cambria Pine, Pinus radiata macrocarpa, is a variety from Cambria, California, same as Pinus radiata but slightly larger cones. It is listed now as a different sub-species from Monterey pine. (I canno... Learn more.

Pinus remorata, Santa Cruz Island Bishop Pine, or Pinus muricata, is a closed-cone pine.  - grid24_12
Pinus remorata Island Bishop Pine

Very similar to Pinus muricata. Considered by some to be Pinus muricata. A pine that has done fine in the San Joaquin Valley and interior heat. The motherstock for our trees came from an old customer... Learn more.

Pteridium aquilinum pubescens, Brake - grid24_12
Pteridium aquilinum var. pubescens Brake

A creeping fern of mountainous hillsides. Bracken ranges throughout most of the west from northslopes in Baja to Alaska and N. Dakota. Although the old timers ate the new shoots, it is not recommended... Learn more.

Quercus parvula, Santa Cruz Island Oak - grid24_12
Quercus parvula Santa Cruz Island Oak

A coastal form of interior live oak that grows into a flat mat in some areas, growing into a small tree in others. Commonly associated with Bishop pine growing on sandy hilltop. Associated plants incl... Learn more.

A close up of  Ribes malvaceum - grid24_12
Ribes malvaceum Pink Chaparral currant

Ribes malvaceum, Pink Chaparral Currant, is a five foot deciduous shrub with pink flower clusters in Oct.-Mar.. Native to slopes in the coast ranges. Pink Chaparral Currant likes sun in coast and cool... Learn more.

Ribes sanguineum glutinosum, Pink-Flowered Currant flowers - grid24_12
Ribes sanguineum var. glutinosum Pink-Flowered Currant

Pink Flowering currant is a five foot deciduous shrub with long showy pink flower clusters that cover the plant in January to March. Ribes sanguineum glutinosum is native to canyons and north slop... Learn more.

Rubus ursinus, Pacific blackberry in the wild - grid24_12
Rubus ursinus Pacific blackberry

Rubus ursinus, Pacific blackberry, is a  native blackberry that ranges from Baja to British Columbia and into Idaho. In southern California this blackberry doesn't always set fruit. It appears like ... Learn more.

Yerba Buena, Satureja douglasii is a beautiful green groundcover  in part shade with rocks. - grid24_12
Satureja douglasii Yerba Buena

Yerba Buena, satureja douglasii (syn. clinopodium douglasii) is a creeping flat perennial that can spread to 3' but is easily held to 1'. Yerba Buena is found in woods near the coast and coast range... Learn more.

Saxifraga californica, California Saxifrage - grid24_12
Saxifraga californica

A perennial, 1" white flowers on 1' stems, a north slope plant to include with ferns, excellent drainage. Learn more.

Scrophularia californica,  California Figwort flowers - grid24_12
Scrophularia californica California Figwort

Scrophularia californica, California Figwort is a two to four foot perennial with three foot spikes of red flowers. It is native along the coast and southern Sierras, from L.A. to B.C.. It is not a... Learn more.

Stachys ajugoides,  Persnickety Pink Pink Hedge Nettle - grid24_12
Stachys ajugoides var. ajugoides 'Persnickety Pink' Pink Hedge Nettle

A petite rhizomatous perennial glandular hedge nettle with white/pale pink (with purplish pink markings)flowers, and fuzzy light green leaves. This plant grows in many plant communities, from the c... Learn more.

Stachys pycnantha Short-spiked Hedge Nettle - grid24_12
Stachys pycnantha Short-spiked Hedge Nettle

Short-spiked Hedge Nettle is a light green perennial with globe-shaped, compact, clusters of white/maroon flowers and fragrant leaves. Commonly associated with serpentinite soil. This perennial needs... Learn more.

Tiarella trifoliata var. unifoliata Laceflower

A 1 foot perennial native to the redwood belt east to Montana and north to Alaska. Always in the north slope understory-type situation. Use as a small scale groundcover in a shady moist spot. After th... Learn more.

Tiarella unifoliata Sugar Scoop

A 1\' perennial native to the redwood belt east to Montana and north to Alaska. Always in the north slope understory-type situation. Use as a small scale groundcover in a shady moist spot. After they ... Learn more.

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