Plants For Joshua Tree Woodland

Sarcostemma hirtellum. - grid24_12
Sarcostemma hirtellum Rambling Milkweed

Rambling Milkweed grows in desert washes from Southern Nevada into Baja, Northern Mexico and western Arizona. In California Rambling Milkweed ranges throughout most of the hot desert areas. Rather we... Learn more.

Senecio douglasii,  Butterweed overlooking the nursery - grid24_12
Senecio douglasii Butterweed

A two-three foot perennial with one-inch yellow daisies. It looks like a grey marguerite. It is useful in revegetation, bank stabilization, or in dryland gardens. Give sun and little or no water in mo... Learn more.

Simmondsia chinensis Jojoba - grid24_12
Simmondsia chinensis Jojoba

Jojoba is an evergreen shrub 3-4 ft. tall,, dioecious, smooth, gray-green leaves. Native to dry slopes bordering Mojave Desert and throughout S. Arizona. It likes full sun, no water after established.... Learn more.

Sphaeralcea ambigua, Desert Mallow in the Mojave desert. - grid24_12
Sphaeralcea ambigua Desert Mallow

Desert Mallow is a two foot perennial with many one inch orange flowers on a two to three foot spike with gray, almost fuzzy foliage. Desert Hollyhock is another name for the plant with its flower... Learn more.

Stanleya elata Panamint Plume

A 4' perennial with a 3'spike of small yellow flower. It is a very showy and unusual desert plant. It needs full sun and no water after established. It will survive in dry areas. "Those on the tall st... Learn more.

Stipa speciosa along hwy 138 in Pinon Hills - grid24_12
Stipa speciosa Desert needle grass

(Syn. Achnatherum speciosa) Desert needle grass is a 1-2' bunch grass that is native to Mojave and Colorado deserts and the s. Coast ranges and s.Sierra. Use for dry banks and paths , full sun, little... Learn more.

Tetradymia spinosa longispina Cotton Thorn - grid24_12
Tetradymia spinosa var. longispina Cotton Thorn

Syn. Tetradymia axillaris longispina. Cottonthorn is a summer deciduous perennial shrub from the Desert. A pain to grow in any numbers at all, but we do eckkkk out a few occasionally. When insanity h... Learn more.

Verbena goodingii, Pink Verbena syn. Glandularia gooddingii. - grid24_12
Verbena goodingii Pink Verbena

A little 1' tall by 3' across perennial that has bright pink-purple flowers. It likes good drainage and some summer water. It looks like the non-native verbena in many ways. It is native to 4000-6000'... Learn more.

Vitis girdiana, Southern California Grape used to grow all around San Diego, Orange and Riverside counties. - grid24_12
Vitis girdiana Southern California Grape

Differing from Vitis californica largely in geographic area, Desert Grape is native to Southern California and the islands. Desert Grape has silvery foliage and attractive black fruit. The grapes are ... Learn more.

California Fan Palm (Washingtonia filifera) - grid24_12
Washingtonia filifera California Fan Palm

California Fan Palm, Washingtonia filifera, is the only palm tree native to California. It grows in springs in California's southern desserts. California fan palm is hardy to about 10 deg.F. where it ... Learn more.

Spanish Bayonet and Banana Yucca. - grid24_12
Yucca baccata Spanish Bayonet

Spanish Bayonet grows from southeastern California through Utah and along the Texas Mexico Border. "The large fleshy fruits are an important fruit among the native Californians, especially the Navajos... Learn more.

Joshua tree, Yucca brevifolia out by Onyx. - grid24_12
Yucca brevifolia Joshua Tree

Yucca brevifolia, Joshua tree, grows to 20 feet tall (not in our life-time). They need sun, perfect drainage and little or no summer water. Native from Southern California to Utah. There are many form... Learn more.

Yucca whipplei caespitosa is a narrow leaf yucca from the desert edges. - grid24_12
Yucca whipplei var. caespitosa Chaparral Yucca

Chaparral Yucca is a large yucca that is in many ways similar to Joshua Tree. Being a large yucca branching from the base, makes a dramatic focal plant for the desert effect in a non-desert garden. ... Learn more.

Epilobium canum subsp. latifolium, Zauschneria  - grid24_12
Zauschneria latifolia Mountain California Fuchsia

(Epilobium latifolium, Zauschneria californica ssp. latifolia, Epilobium canum var. latifolium)This California fuchsia is native from 10,000 foot down. I have only seen the pure form of this Californi... Learn more.

This fuchsia selection was named by Bert Wilson, founder of Las Pilitas Nursery, after his daughter Penny. I'm a little intense..... - grid24_12
Zauschneria latifolia var. johnstonii 'Flaming Red Penny' Flaming Red Penny Desert Fuchsia

Flaming Red Penny California fuchsia is a more compact form of Zauschneria latifolia johnstonii. It has the same lush large green leaves and large showy flowers as the Bush fuchsia but the plant is a ... Learn more.

Zigadenus brevibracteatus Desert Zigadene - grid24_12
Zigadenus brevibracteatus Desert Zigadene

A poisonous perennial bulb from the desert and inner coast ranges of California. Weird looking, weird to grow, weird in the garden. We occasionally grow a few when we're feeling weird. They really ha... Learn more.

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