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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Plants For Joshua Tree Woodland

Abronia pogonantha

Abronia pogonantha Desert Sand Verbena
Desert Sand Verbena has white to light purple flowers and gray leaves. It is a wonderful annual verbena from the clean sandy areas of the Mojave desert, southern end of the San Joaquin Valley, and on ... Learn more.

Agave utahensis nevadensis

Agave utahensis nevadensis Century Plant
Clark Mountain Agave is native to east Mojave desert on limestone soils around the area of Clark Mt.The flowering stems are not branching as in Agavi deserti, but the flower clusters arise along the... Learn more.

Antirrhinum coulterianum

Antirrhinum coulterianum Coulters Snapdragon
Antirrhinum coulterium, Coulters snapdragon is another one of the many plants that is not supposed to be living on the Santa Margarita nursery site, but it is here. One of those surprise! Guess what I... Learn more.

Arabis pulchra gracilis

Arabis pulchra gracilis Beautiful Rockcress
Arabis pulchra var. gracilis, or Beautiful Rockcress, is a three foot tall perennial with purple flowers. This colorful perennial is a member of the mustard family. It is very much like wallflower b... Learn more.

Arctostaphylos glauca

Arctostaphylos glauca Big Berry Manzanita
... Learn more.

Aristida purpurea

Aristida purpurea Purple 3-awn
Purple three awn grass is a perennial grass of the Kansas prairie that can be spotted in many small patches throughout Southern California. A grass lovers dream grass, small clumps of green stems with... Learn more.

Astragalus Douglasii

Astragalus Douglasii Douglas milkvetch
Douglas milkvetch is really a nice little plant that causes no problems that I've seen while creating a visually delightful addition to the garden. This little locoweed grows on the Santa Margarita ... Learn more.

Atriplex canescens

Atriplex canescens Four-wing Salt Bush
Four-wing Salt Bush is an evergray shrub that grows to 5 ft. Native to dry areas, western U.S. Needs full sun. It becomes very drought tolerant after a few good waterings. The whole plant is edible (y... Learn more.

Baccharis glutinosa

Baccharis glutinosa Water Wally
A deciduous willow -like shrub to 10 feet. Male and female flowers are on separate plants. Long, vertical stems make the appearance of this plant undesirable for the formal garden, but in a wild gard... Learn more.

Baccharis sergiloides

Baccharis sergiloides Squaw Waterweed
A 4-6 ft, shrub that will be leafless under stress. In spring if it is happy it is covered with bright yellow flowers. Native from Inyo to Utah to San Diego.... Learn more.

Baileya multiradiata

Baileya multiradiata Desert Marigold
Desert Marigold is a short lived perennial that grows to 2 foot high and lives in the deserts of the Southwest. Its flowers look like yellow marigolds on a light green marigold plant. Easily rotted wi... Learn more.

Bothriochloa barbinodis

Bothriochloa barbinodis Cane Bluestem
Cane Bluestem, Plumed Beard-Grass. Native from San Diego to Santa Barbara east to Oklahoma and down into the tropics. Rather ugly and best used as a limited ingredient in seed mixes.... Learn more.

Calyptridium monandrum
Annual, low, spreading stems or flat to the ground, leaves in a basal rosette, flowers minute, in sandy, open areas, coast, chaparral, desert, forest. disappears after flowering. sSN, Teh, sSnJV, SCoR... Learn more.

Celtis reticulata

Celtis reticulata Hackberry
Celtis reticulata, or Hackberry, is a small, deciduous tree to 30'which grows best in full sun (a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight), and with regular water but can become very drought tolerant... Learn more.

Cercis occidentalis

Cercis occidentalis Western Redbud
... Learn more.

Chilopsis linearis

Chilopsis linearis Desert Willow
Desert willow, ... Learn more.

Chrysothamnus nauseosus

Chrysothamnus nauseosus Rabbitbrush
Rabbit brush is a nondescript two to four foot perennial that erupts in late summer with a passionate display of appealing yellow that has stopped many an artist and ... Learn more.

Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus Rabbit Brush
This rabbit brush grows in the mountains along the edge of the desert from Southern California to B.C. east to Montana and New Mexico. A small rabbit brush, not usually more than a meter high. (Syn.... Learn more.

Cirsium occidentale venustum

Cirsium occidentale venustum Red Thistle
Venus Thistle is a rather large, tomentose, ( covered with short, soft, matted, white hairs) biennial (sometimes annual) thistle with 1-2" bright red flowers. Very showy. Can grow to six feet tall.... Learn more.

Cucurbita foetidissima

Cucurbita foetidissima Coyote Melon
A coarse, trailing perennial, with gray-green, rough leaves, yellow flowers, and a large root, undergoes dormancy after flowering and fruiting. Occurs often in sandy areas. Produces a gourd, not edibl... Learn more.

Dalea fremontii

Dalea fremontii Indigo Bush
Indigo Bush is a four foot tall deciduous shrub with whitish stems and purple pea flowers. It grows in the western deserts in creosote bush scrub and Great Basin sage plant communities. As it lives in... Learn more.

Delphinium parishii

Delphinium parishii Sky Blue Larkspur
As Delphinium cardinale but blue, more drought tolerant but less garden tolerant.... Learn more.

Diplacus calycinus

Diplacus calycinus Rock Monkey Flower
... Learn more.

Dyssodia thurberi Dainty Yellow Composite
Perennial, 6 in. high, 1 ft. across, western deserts to 5500 ft. needs good drainage and no summer water (along coast) or a little (inland) after established, very showy rock garden plant, gets very ... Learn more.

Elymus condensatus

Elymus condensatus Giant Wild Rye
A large clumping green grass. Native in the interface zone between plant communities or in openings. Commonly in areas that have seeps in winter. Drought resistant in most areas. In the desert areas,... Learn more.

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