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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Plants For Douglas Fir Forest

Elymus glaucus

Elymus glaucus Blue Wildrye
Blue Wild-Rye. This plant species is highly variable, and hybridizes with some other species of wild-rye. It is not related to the cereal rye, except that they are both grasses. This plant is common h... Learn more.

Epipactis gigantea

Epipactis gigantea Stream Orchid
... Learn more.

Equisetum hymale

Equisetum hymale Scouring rush
This Horsetail is wide ranging throughout the world with a very complicated species complex. (Equisetum hiemale, Hippochaete hiemale var. californica) ... Learn more.

Iris missouriensis

Iris missouriensis Western Blue Flag
Western Blue Flag is native from S. Dakota to southern California to B.C.. This Iris is a foot or so high perennial with 2-3 inch, pale lavender flowers. Western Blue Flag grows at higher elevations,... Learn more.

Juncus occidentalis

Juncus occidentalis Western Rush
Western rush occurs in spots throughout the west. Never in covering hillsides, always in a nook or cranny that is seasonally wet in winter and dry in summer. This is a very nice looking plant that sho... Learn more.

Juniperus communis montana

Juniperus communis montana Dwarf Juniper
... Learn more.

Linum lewisii

Linum lewisii Blue Flax
A 2-3 foot perennial with delicate leaves and true blue sky flowers from Mar. to Sept.. Native to middle to high elevations, Alaska to southern California. A good garden flower. Showy, every morning ... Learn more.

Lonicera hispidula

Lonicera hispidula California Honeysuckle
A climbing deciduous shrub with large pink flowers. Native throughout much of California and up into Washington. California honeysuckle can handle full sun to shade. It's drought tolerant. Use as a ba... Learn more.

Mahonia aquifolium

Mahonia aquifolium Oregon Grape
Oregon Grape is an evergreen shrub to 6 feet with creeping rhizomes. It's native from N. Calif. to B.C.. It doesn't mind sun or shade is best with regular water but drought tolerant. Oregon Grape has ... Learn more.

Mahonia aquifolium Compacta

Mahonia aquifolium Compacta Creeping Oregon Grape.
Mahonia aquilfolium Compacta is probably a native plant, but there seems to be little information of it's origins. (If you hold the patent on it we never found you.) Compacta likes coastal sand. If yo... Learn more.

Mahonia nervosa

Mahonia nervosa Longleaf Mahonia
(Berberis nervosa, Mahonia nervosa, Mahonia glumosa, Odostemon nervosa) There are many different common names for this Mahonia, including Oregon Grape, Longleaf Mahonia and Cascade barberry. Longleaf... Learn more.

Mahonia pinnata

Mahonia pinnata Shinyleaf Mahonia
Mahonia pinnata or Berberis pinnata, the name has changed many times, or all it California Oregon grape, that will confuse folks. Whatever, this is a nice looking, dark green bush that grows in shady... Learn more.

Mimulus cardinalis

Mimulus cardinalis Scarlet Monkey Flower
A perennial to 3'. It likes sun to full shade and regular water. It has 2" red tubular flowers most of the year. An aggressive seeder that should be used in revegetation or large gardens, (or for thos... Learn more.

Oxalis oregona

Oxalis oregona Redwood Sorrel
In the garden this one can take over. In the wild, under redwoods takes over along areas of moisture. In the dry sections of woods it is a small plant. Remember if this one is getting aggressive on yo... Learn more.

Penstemon newberryi sonomensis

Penstemon newberryi sonomensis Mountain Pride
A perennial, 12 inches in height, with two-inch, red flowers on two-foot-hight spikes in June-August. Native to Lake County area. It needs excellent drainage, full sun to part shade, a little summer w... Learn more.

Penstemon procerus brachyanthus

Penstemon procerus brachyanthus Pincushion Beardtongue
Pincushion Beardtongue grows in the coastal forests of Oregon and northern California. The plants are smaller than the straight species. Flowers are similar size but the cluster is smaller. Verticill... Learn more.

Phacelia bolanderi

Phacelia bolanderi Blue - Flowered Grape Leaf
A 6" tall and 3' wide perennial. It has 1 inch blue flowers in clusters. The leaves are 3" across and grape-like. If you water, flowers last longer, plant more showy, but it has survived here for year... Learn more.

Pinus attenuata

Pinus attenuata Knobcone Pine
Knobcone Pine is a 50 ft green pine. Native in mountains of Calif., Ore.. Knobcone Pine likes fertile soil and regular water. It is native where the rainfall is 30+ inches. It is useful because it is... Learn more.

Polystichum munitum

Polystichum munitum Western Sword Fern
A fern with 3' dark green fronds. A very refined, very tight clump that looks like a palm tree top cut off. We saw them growing on Cone Mountain above Big Sur at 4000' under Ponderosa Pines, Tan bark ... Learn more.

Pseudotsuga menziesii

Pseudotsuga menziesii Douglas Fir
A conifer that will get to 80'. It needs regular garden water. It likes afternoon shade in the hot interior, full sun at higher elevations or near coast. A large tree or large hedge. This tree has sup... Learn more.

Ribes viscosissium Hallii

Ribes viscosissium Hallii Sticky Currant
Sticky Currant grows from Mariposa county to Oregon. Not a currant for jelly, but the flowers are nice and the deciduous plant when it flowers is fine lookin'. We can grow as many as you need, but so ... Learn more.

Rubus leucodermis

Rubus leucodermis Western Raspberry
An arching dec. shrub-vine. Thorny with whitish stems, green leaves and red to black raspberry-like berries. I\'ve only seen western Raspberry in the redwoods/Douglas Fir around Willits. It was a bram... Learn more.

Satureja mimuloides

Satureja mimuloides Monkeyflower Savory
Monkeyflower Savory, ... Learn more.

Sedum spathulifolium

Sedum spathulifolium Stonecrop
A perennial, flowers yellow, May-July, blue-green leaves in rosettes, rocky places, mountainous areas of Calif., sun to part shade, water sparingly except in winter-spring. Set plant at an angle so wa... Learn more.

Tolmiea menziesii

Tolmiea menziesii Youth-On-Age
A small scale groundcover, container plant or as house plant. Native to the coastal regions from Calif. to Alaska. Plant forms small plants at the top of mature leaves. This is a redwood belt plant so... Learn more.

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