Plants For Douglas Fir Forest

Torreya californica, California Nutmeg with nuts - grid24_12
Torreya californica California Nutmeg

An evergreen tree that looks like a minature Yew or glossy leaved redwood. In a fiberglass shade house where the temperatures are moderate and the humidities are high it grows ok. If you have a redwoo... Learn more.

Trifolium willdenovii. Tomcat Clover - grid24_12
Trifolium Clover

Our Native clovers are mostly annuals. We do not sell the seed but we do encourage the plants. The native clovers should not mowed or killed until the flowers are allowed to produce seed. This page ... Learn more.

Vaccinium ovatum Huckleberry - grid24_12
Vaccinium ovatum Huckleberry

Huckleberry, Vaccinium ovatum, is a 2-3 ft. evergreen shrub that has 1/4" blue berries. (Ok, ok, sometimes Huckleberry will grow to 5-6 feet and have 1/2 inch berries in coastal forest.) I have se... Learn more.

Vancouveria hexandra,  Inside out flower and leaves. - grid24_12
Vancouveria hexandra Inside out flower

Inside out flower, Vancouveria hexandra, is a semideciduous perennial that makes a small scale groundcover in a shade garden. In the wild you'll find it under Maples, Alders, Douglas fir, larch and o... Learn more.

A Zauschneria septentrionalis,(Epilobium sept.) Mattole California fuchsia works well in container, large pot or small entry garden. - grid24_12
Zauschneria septentrionalis 'Mattole River' White Leaf Fuchsia

Mattole River California Fuchsia is a three-six inch tall perennial with grey-white foliage forming a clump 2-3 foot across. This California fuchsia likes full sun near the coast and afternoon shad... Learn more.

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