Pseudotsuga menziesii

Douglas Fir.

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A conifer that will get to 80'. It needs regular garden water. It likes afternoon shade in the hot interior, full sun at higher elevations or near coast. A large tree or large hedge. This tree has suprised us by surviving here in full sun with no water. It didn't look fantastic, but it was alive through the 83-88(?) drought with an average rain fall of 12 inches. It finally died in 1989 after a 4" rainfall year and 130 degree days. This tree is very drought tolerant and doesn't need extra water unless you live in an area that gets less than 15 inches of rainfall. It would love 2-6" of mulch on the soil. In the wild the trees can live for 1000 years. This is the tree of choice for lumber now. If it is in its element it is very fast growing. If in other areas it will grow only a few inches a year. It probably would be a good bonzai item in small containers.

Foliage of Pseudotsuga menziesii is evergreen.
Flower of Pseudotsuga menziesii has color na.

Communities for Pseudotsuga menziesii:Douglas Fir Forest, Mixed-evergreen Forest, Redwood Forest and Yellow Pine Forest.

ph: 4.00 to 6.00
usda: 4 to 10
height[m]: 10.00 to 25.00
width[m]: 10.00 to 15.00
rainfall[cm]: 88.00 to 182.00

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