California native landscaping, build your own native garden.

Landscaping with Native Plants

Help yourself design a native landscape or garden. If you break the garden into small pieces. Each piece a different amount of sun, or the soil different, or the watering different. If you landscaping is done and you only need to put a few natives in a corner, run on that section. If you have a section that 100X100 feet and the sun, watering, and soil are all the same, then input once for the whole section and make your landscape flow around a path, garden bench a corpse of trees or a few logs and boulders. Your yard doesn't have to look like your neighbors. California law says you can use native plants, even in your HOA  (AB-1061).

Use the search bar on our pages, and type in whatever is your interest. Native landscaping, bees, birds, hummingbirds and all sorts of other things. We've tried to make a page for almost anything to do with native plants, native landscaping or native gardens.

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