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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

A native garden in San Diego

This San Diego County garden was not the high point of the neighborhood. What to do with a garden that is weeds, no fun, and looks awful?

Plant it in Native plants!
Here's the quote from the customer: "I have to say that I have been so happy with Las Pilitas' stock! I have over 80 plants from Las Pilitas and have only lost 4 plants so far (due to external factors)! One of these days, I will take a drive up to Santa Margarita to see the original nursery."
A yard in San Diego before planting native plants. - grid24_12
The before converting to native landscaping picture.
The before the native garden photo - grid24_12
The day after planting. Just the mulch makes the garden look better.
The native front yard  - grid24_12
After eight months there are plants, birds and butterflies visible!

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The San Diego native  garden after photo. - grid24_12
Three years later the native landscape looks good with no irrigation!