Arctostaphylos glandulosa adamsii Laguna Manzanita flowers. - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos glandulosa adamsii,Laguna Manzanita. grows in spots in San Diego County. Varies in height from 2-4 ft.
Arctostaphylos glandulosa mollis, and then it set seed and we had to change it to glandulosa x glauca. - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos glauca-glandulosa grows in spots from San Luis Obispo to Riverside.County. Varies in height from 3-6 ft.
An old picture of Big Berry Manzanita - grid24_12
Big Berry manzanita grows from Central California to Baja. After 50 years or so can reach 15 ft. But commonly about 8 feet,
Here is a 10 year old Los Angeles manzanita. The original plant was along Kanan Rd. and was only 3 feet tall. - grid24_12
Los Angeles Big Berry manzanita grows along the north side of LA. This is a small mazanita, commonly only growing to a few feet tall.
In a cool winter Island manzanita, Arctostaphylos insularis  flowers are pink, warm winters, they are white. - grid24_12
Island Manzanita lives on Santa Cruz and Santa Rosa Islands. A small dark green bush that can be used as a low 'hedge'.
Arctostaphylos glauca Ramona Manzanita with pinkish flowers because of the cold early winter makes a great little bush or hedge. - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos glauca Ramona Manzanita in inner Riverside and San Diego Counties.A wonderful 6 foot bush.
The southern form of Big Berry manzanita.
Arctostaphylos otayensis flowers - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos otayensis is a medium size shrub the lives in the mountains of San Diego county.
Arctostaphylos parryana. Parry Manzanita flowers after a spring rain. - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos parryana makes a billowing groundcover. With snow load it stays about 2 foot tall, with the snow it can creep to three or even four foot tall.
Pointleaf Manzanita and Mexican Manzanita.,  Arctostaphylos pungens - grid24_12
Mexican manzanita grows from San Francisco bay to Baja and across to Texas, but it is a common 6-8 ft. manzanita in the mountains of Southern California
Here is a photo of Arctostapylos rainbowensis. - grid24_12
Rainbow Manzanita is a nice little 2-4 ft. manzanita that is restricted to the San Diego to Riverside county line area.

Northern California Manzanitas

Central California Manzanitas

Hybrid California Manzanitas

I can't find who Pringleii Manzanita was named after. I'm sure it was not after a potato chip. Sorry, do not believe everything you read online.. - grid24_12
Pringle Manzanita lives from below Big Bear south throught the Southern California Mountains. It was named after the potato chip guy who was about 8 foot tall.
This Big Berried manzanita was tucked into the rocks in Joshua Tree National Park - grid24_12
Manzanitas are very diverse and live in most plant communities including parts of the desert. Here is Big Berry Manzanita on the edge of Joshua Tree woodland. We rarely find them amongst the cactus, but in groups with the scrub oaks and scrubby pinyon pines.
Pinus monophylla and  Arctostaphylos parryana as a groundcover. - grid24_12
These Parry manzanitas are growing at about 6500 ft. in the transverse ranges.
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