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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Plants For Valley Grassland

Monolopia lanceolata

Monolopia lanceolata Common Monolopia
A very showy annual native that lives in openings throughout the interior. Monolopia is one of the annuals that were part of the spring flush(moisture and energy capture) of many of the interior (non... Learn more.

Muhlenbergia rigens

Muhlenbergia rigens Deer Grass
... Learn more.

Nemophila maculata

Nemophila maculata Fivespot
A 1 foot annual that has 1 inch white flowers with purple spots.... Learn more.

Orthocarpus densiflorus

Orthocarpus densiflorus Owl's Clover
A semi-parasitic annual common in areas that still have some annual native plants left. Difficult to grow in anything other than a wildflower mix.... Learn more.

Orthocarpus exserta

Orthocarpus exserta Owl's Clover
syn. Castilleja purpurascens. low-growing annual, with purplish flowers, very showy in spring , grows in masses. a well-known California wildflower, believed to be a green, root-parasite, grows under ... Learn more.

Plantago erecta

Plantago erecta Plantain
Low Annual, with villous hairs (long, soft hairs), covering the leaves, the flowers are colorless, in spikes, still attractive, leaves in a cluster at the base of the plant, nice for a small annual na... Learn more.

Platystemon californicus

Platystemon californicus Cream Cups
A annual wildflower. In the past it was common in open fields and following fires. Now largely replaced with weedy annual grasses, starthistle, and mustard. Cream cups used to be included in wildflowe... Learn more.

Plectritis ciliosa

Plectritis ciliosa
(P. Californica) A pretty pink-flowered annual that commonly grows on north slopes in the shade of Quercus douglasii, Pinus Sabiniana, etc., mixed with Poa and Stipa. Usually occurs in small colo... Learn more.

Poa napensis Hot Spring Grass
A grayish clumps about a 1' tall and across, grows around hot springs in upper Napa Valley, tolerates very alkaline soil and water, with some summer water will stay evergreen. It froze in Dec. 1990 at... Learn more.

Populus fremontii

Populus fremontii Western Cottonwood
A deciduous tree. Plant and stand back, very fast with regular water, on one site 30' in a year. We grow male trees, females have cotton. An excellent shade tree. Keep away from septic system. Do not ... Learn more.

Populus fremontii Carrizo

Populus fremontii Carrizo Fremont Cottonwood
'Carrizo', This form is for interior plantings only. It will get rust if the climate is too moist. This form is very tough. It should do fine in most desert sites and even into parts of the Great Basi... Learn more.

Populus fremontii Zapata

Populus fremontii Zapata Fremont Cottonwood
''Zapata'comes from a parent tree that is 80' tall and 40' wide out in a stream bed of a customers property. I had to stand on my pickup roof with a 10' pole pruner to get a bottom branch. It is nativ... Learn more.

Populus fremontiiX Calm

Populus fremontiiX Calm Fremont Cottonwood
'Calm' is from the California Living Museum in Bakersfield, this is at the mouth of Kern Canyon.This is a series of plants and they are not sex defined, they can have cotton. We use these for revegeta... Learn more.

Ranunculus californicus

Ranunculus californicus California Buttercup
California Buttercup, Ranunculus californicus is a cheery yellow perennial that grows in amongst Blue Oak woodland. In between Oaks it is often growing in clay soil although it can also be found in se... Learn more.

Ribes aureum aureum

Ribes aureum aureum Golden Currant
A 3-6' short deciduous shrub. The flowers are scented yellow. It flowers from April to May. Native to moist areas, central Sierra Nevada east to Rocky Mtns. It likes sun to part shade. It can tolerate... Learn more.

Ribes quercetorum

Ribes quercetorum Yellow Gooseberry
A sprawling 3' deciduous shrub. Its flowers are yellow in Mar.-May. Native to foothill slopes in south coast ranges and Sierra Nevada. It likes sun to part shade, partly dry to moderate water. This is... Learn more.

Salix gooddingii

Salix gooddingii San Joaquin Willow
A 15-30' deciduous shrub-tree. Yellow stems and light green leaves. Native through much of the Southwest. Not a fast grower. It spends most of its first few year growing roots. We have seen this in th... Learn more.

Salix gooddingii variabilis San Joaquin Willow
A 15-30ft deciduous shrub-tree. Yellow stems and light green leaves. Native through much of the Southwest. Not a fast grower. It spends most of its first few year growing roots. ... Learn more.

Salvia carduacea

Salvia carduacea Thistle Sage
A very colorful annual of hot interior areas. We do not generally grow annuals. ... Learn more.

Salvia Pozo Blue

Salvia Pozo Blue Grey Musk Sage
... Learn more.

Sanicula bipinnata

Sanicula bipinnata Poison Sanicle
A perennial with small yellow flowers, that will grow well in shady areas of oak woodland under trees such as Quercus douglasii and Pinus Sabiniana, with Achillea millefolium, Galium sp., Thysanocarp... Learn more.

Sanicula crassicaulis

Sanicula crassicaulis Snakeroot
Native in our San Luis Obispo area in the shade of Quercus douglasii and Pinus Sabiniana. In oak woodland/chaparral sites where the understory is dominated by alien, annual grasses, this Sanicule su... Learn more.

Senecio douglasii

Senecio douglasii Butterweed
A two-three foot perennial with one-inch yellow daisies. It looks like a grey marguerite. It is useful in revegetation, bank stabilization, or in dryland gardens. Give sun and little or no water in mo... Learn more.

Stachys albens

Stachys albens White hedge nettle
This hedge nettle is native to moist spots in much of California. A good plant to put under the bird bath, in a dryland garden. Stachys albens will increase by rhizomes to the edge of the moist spot.... Learn more.

Stipa pulchra

Stipa pulchra Purple Stipa
... Learn more.

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