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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Plants For Valley Grassland

Thermopsis macrophylla macrophylla

Thermopsis macrophylla macrophylla
A gray leaved summer perennial. Bright yellow lupin like flowers on a 1-2' plant. Commonly on serpentine rock ourcroppings or adobe grasslands. Not as easy as most lupines. Give sun near the coast a l... Learn more.

Viola pedunculata

Viola pedunculata Violet
California Johnny jump up is a little six inch high perennial that goes dormant in summer. Its flowers are yellow with purplish tinge, scented, and edible.This Yellow Pansy likes part shade, but will... Learn more.

Zigadenus fremontii

Zigadenus fremontii Star Lily
Star lily is a bulb in the lily family. It has long shiny green basal leaves. Star lily has a single large showy flower spike with lots of star shaped flowers. Its' flowers are white with green cent... Learn more.

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