Plants For Valley Grassland

Box Elder tree,  Acer negundo californicum with fall color in fog. - grid24_12
Acer negundo var. californicum California Box Elder

California Box Elder is a deciduous tree, usually 30', possible to 50'. Native to the mountains of central and northern California. Acer negundo var. californicum has a bad rap because of ... Learn more.

Achillea millefolium californica Yarrow with Hair Streak - grid24_12
Achillea millefolium var. californica Yarrow

Western Yarrow is a small perennial that spreads by rhizomes. It varies by locale from 1-4'. The cream-colored (off-white?) flowers are in 3- 4"clusters. It's native to the western U.S. and is drough... Learn more.

Achillea millefolium rosea Island Pink Pink Yarrow  - grid24_12
Achillea millefolium var. rosea 'Island Pink' Pink California Yarrow

(Achillea borealis ssp. californica (Munz)) Island Pink. Yarrow is a perennial that spreads by rhizomes. It varies by locale from one to four feet. Some plants of each population will have 3- 4"clu... Learn more.

Agoseris grandiflora,  Mountain dandelion flower - grid24_12
Agoseris grandiflora Mountain dandelion

Mountain dandelion is a little perennial with large dandelion seed 'balls'. These 'balls' (head of fruits) are up to 2 inches across. Large yellow flowers, leafless flowering stems, leaves near the b... Learn more.

Agrostis hooverii

A small droopy bunch grass that grows in small openings in the coastal sage scrub in San Luis Obispo County. Use with June Grass (Koeleria cristata), California poppies, and Field Lupine(Lupinus nanus... Learn more.

Allium crispum, Crinkled onion, photo  courtesy of Lynn W. - grid24_12
Allium crispum Wild Onion

A perennial allium with beautiful pink flowers, needs dry summer conditions, best growing in a wild garden. Grows in central oak woodland, in the central western portion of California. Best in clumps ... Learn more.

 Allium haematochiton, Red skinned onion courtesy of Lynn W. - grid24_12
Allium haematochiton Red skinned onion

Red-skinned onion, Allium haematochiton, grows in openings and open fields throughout much of Southern California. Plant in a un-mulched section of the garden and plant a rock on to of a... Learn more.

Asclepias erosa Desert Milkweed. Amazing ain't it?
Everyone in California should visit the desert in early spring - grid24_12
Asclepias erosa California Desert Milkweed

(A.leucophylla, A.l. var.obtusa, A.erosa var. obtusa, A.obtusata, A.Rothrockii) Asclepias erosa is a desert milkweed. It has some of the most beautiful silver foliage with hints of purple in the vei... Learn more.

Asclepias vestita Woolly Milkweed. - grid24_12
Asclepias vestita Woolly Milkweed

A gray-green sprawling perennial that grows along the east edge of the San Joaquin Valley. One of the milkweeds that are used by the butterflies as a food source. Poisonous to cattle, horses and peopl... Learn more.

Astragalus Douglasii,  Douglas milkvetch plant - grid24_12
Astragalus Douglasii Douglas milkvetch

Douglas milkvetch is really a nice little plant that causes no problems that I've seen while creating a visually delightful addition to the garden. This little locoweed grows on the Santa Margarita ... Learn more.

Atriplex canescens, Four-wing Salt Bush - grid24_12
Atriplex canescens Four-wing Salt Bush

Four-wing Salt Bush is an evergray shrub that grows to 5 ft. Native to dry areas, western U.S. Needs full sun. It becomes very drought tolerant after a few good waterings. The whole plant is edible (y... Learn more.

Atriplex lentiformis Breweri Brewers Salt Bush - grid24_12
Atriplex lentiformis var. Breweri Brewers Salt Bush

This is now considered A. lentiformis ssp. lentiformis. Formerly it was thought a separate ssp. of A. lentiformis, because coastal plants had larger leaves and fruits. A large evergreen shrub to 8 ft... Learn more.

Atriplex lentiformis var. lentiformis Salt Bush

A large evergreen shrub to 8 ft.. Native in coastal Ca. to 100 miles inland. Very alkali tolerant. A plant for wind breaks, borders, and range management. Not a beautiful plant (A. canescens looks bet... Learn more.

Mule fat, Baccharis_viminea

 - grid24_12
Baccharis viminea Seep Willow

Mulefat is an eight foot evergreen shrub, protect from deer,elk,etc.for first few years, grows from coastal areas to Tex., usually around water sources, but not always. In some areas like where the 14... Learn more.

Bloomeria crocea var. aurea, Golden Star, or Goldenstar, is so cool to see in amongst the weedy grasses of the oak woodlands.  - grid24_12
Bloomeria crocea var. aurea Golden Stars

Corm, 2 ft., flowers yellow in cluster (like exploding fire works), April-June, South coast ranges, Channel Islands, drought tolerant, we carry this only occasionally. Learn more.

Bouteloua curtipendula Side-Oats Grama - grid24_12
Bouteloua curtipendula Side-Oats Grama

A creeping grass that forms a coarse mat of green foliage with two foot spikes of little oat flowers and fruits. This grass grows in much of the Americas. \"Plains and Rocky hills\" is what Abrams de... Learn more.

Brodiaea pulchella, or Dichelostemma capitatum,  Wild Hyacinth, flowers in very early spring, and so provides nectar for pollinators, when not much else is flowering.  - grid24_12
Brodiaea pulchella Wild Hyacinth

Corms, 1' in height, blue 1" flowers, spring, throughout Ca.,UT, Nev,Ariz.,tolerates most conditions with good drainage, little water after established. Butterfly plant. One of the earlier wildflowe... Learn more.

Calandrinia ciliata Red Maids - grid24_12
Calandrinia ciliata Red Maids

Almost prostrate, spreading annual, the rose-red flowers opening mostly in the afternoon, dotted in fields, open areas of mostly woodland and grassland habitats, sandy or loamy soils, showy in spring,... Learn more.

A very old photo of Calochortus species, Mariposa Lilly, probably before 1980. - grid24_12
Calochortus species Mariposa Lilly

Bulbs. 1', flowers like tulip, yellow, purple to white, part shade to full sun, no summer water, in most of Ca. perfect drainage. It takes 3-5 years from seed to grow the bulb up to salable size. Ever... Learn more.

Camissonia lewisii Lewis Evening Primrose

Annual, villous (with long, soft hairs), with small yellow flowers, not showy, rare, leaves arranged in a rosette, plant very low-growing, grows in coastal areas, sandy or clay, best for restoration, ... Learn more.

Carex praegracilis (clustered field sedge) - grid24_12
Carex praegracilis Clustered Field Sedge

Common in meadows, open, wet areas, marshes, seeps, seasonally wet edges of ponds, frequently alkaline soil, wide distribution , valleys up to middle elevations in CA, grows in western NA, to central ... Learn more.

Buttonwillow with a Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly - grid24_12
Cephalanthus occidentalis var. californica Buttonwillow

Buttonwillow can occur as a 3 foot bush to 20 foot tree (Kern Canyon). It's deciduous, likes sun, water, and tolerates alkaline soil. The leaves are 3-6", and smooth, dark- green. The 1-2" creamy whi... Learn more.

Chaenactis glabriuscula Pinchusion Flower - grid24_12
Chaenactis glabriuscula Pinchusion Flower

Low-growing annual with yellow flowers, very showy when massed, excellent butterfly flower for adult butterflies. Grows in open, sandy areas. Appropriate for unwatered native gardens, or for ecologica... Learn more.

The Soap plant flowers are delicate white flowers on a three foot stalk - grid24_12
Chlorogalum pomeridianum Soap Lily

Soap Lily has long, strap-like, wavy leaves that lie along the ground, and a loose spike of small white flowers up to 2 feet high, and flowers from around May-August. Soap Lily, Chlorogalum pomeridian... Learn more.

Chrysopsis villosa echioides Hairy Golden-aster - grid24_12
Chrysopsis villosa var. echioides Hairy Golden-aster

Telegraph Weed. . A hairy, perennial, branching near the upper portion of the plant, with many varieties that ranges throughout California in several plant communities. Flowers yellow and showy. Sy... Learn more.

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