Garden fire questions (answer a,b,c,d,e if needed)

1. Which is least flammable in a September California garden?
__ a. An Indian Hawthorn (Rhaphiolepis indica) on drip irrigation (alive, no dead foliage) 12 seconds to ignition
__ b.  A apple tree in an orchard (alive, no dead foliage) 30-60 seconds to ignition
__ c.  A Redwood deck 50-60 seconds to ignition
__ d.  A Juniper, Pfitzer on drip (alive, no dead foliage)  15 seconds to ignition
_x_ e.  An unwatered Ceanothus, California Mountain Lilac (alive, no dead foliage) could not ignite even unwatered plants

2. Which burns faster?
_x_a. Dead weeds  flash, less than a second or unmeasurable
__b. Greasewood, Adenostoma (unwatered) 30 sec
__c. Sage, Salvia  plants (unwatered)  variable 10-60, a little moisture all 60 sec.
__d. Manzanita (unwatered)  variable by species, 5-60, most 15-30 low groundcovers greater than 60
__e. Sumac, Rhus   (unwatered)  greater than 60 seconds

3. Which causes greater erosion ?
__a.. Seeding grasses; every test to date has shown this causes more fires and more erosion
_x_b.  Leave the slopes alone   first rain often brings a ton of stuff down, then everything stabilizes and no erosion or fire for years or decades

4. List in order of flammability
_1_a. Buddleja davidi ('Butterfly bush') (regular water)   5
_3_b. Ivy, Algerian (regular water)   20
_2_c. Oleander(on drip)   10
_5_d. San Diego Sage, Salvia munzii (unwatered)  60
_4_e.  Toyon,
Heteromeles arbutifolia(unwatered)  50

5. What is the common flame height of oak leaf mulch or shredded redwood bark?
Once you see or smell a fire it is too late to do much.
__a. it doesn't burn   if watered
about 1 inch if unwatered
__c. about a foot
__d. about three feet
__e. about 10 feet

6. To make your home firesafe this is important
_x_a. Do consistent garden hygiene
_x_b. Select plants carefully
_x_c. Be weed free
_x_d. Limited planting
_x_e. Limit shade structures

7. Which appears to be more effective in reducing flammability in a native garden?
__a. Regular watering on drip.
__b. A wash off watering once a week or so with a hose or sprinkler. this would be first if you have weed control
__c.  Daily watering on drip.
__d.  Replacing native plants with garden plants
_x_e.  Weed  control

8. Which is a better predictor of a wildfire?
__a. Length of Drought
__b. Rainfall from the year before
_x_c. Days above 95F.*
__d. Spring Drought
__e. El Nino or La Nina

9. How much flame height can a mowed field have with  wind behind it?
__a. it doesn't burn
__b. about 1 inch
__c. about a foot
__d. about three feet  if no wind
_x_e. about 10 feet  with wind

10. Which is the smallest threat to your home in a fire storm? (Assuming you have a maintained 60 foot zone around the home.)
_x_a. The neighboring openspace.
__b. Your neighbors home. .In wildfires you'll find most of the homes lost were in clusters as the houses are more flammable than the brush
__c.  Embers falling from the sky.  This is what commonly burns hoses down.
__d.  Garden hygiene,  no wood pile,  weed pile or junk   Stupid stuff also threatens your home in fires. That pile of weeds was forgotten.
__e.  Deck Furniture, awnings and deck themselves. The rattan furniture seemed like a good idea.

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