Some Native Garden examples.

We have customers all over the state with gardens ranging from tubs on their patio to acres while also suppling restoration projects in the order of miles of creek channel. Here's a few of the different projects that our nursery has supplied. Some have our design input, some other professionals, some are the home owners figuring it out themselves.

If you have used our plants, WE WANT YOUR GARDEN PICTURE!

Native Landscaping in San Diego County

This is a front yard in a conventional subdivision. Designed by Greg Rubin of Calown, the homeowners did much of the work themselves.

Some of Greg's native gardens his company has installed in the San Diego area..

A small little front yard done with some natives in San Diego.

This picture album from Encinitas was apparently all our plants.

Argia Designs likes to use native plants.

Bay Area Native Landscaping.

Yes we sell to the Bay area. We make a great weekend get away. GW has a slope problem in San Mateo County. If you want your exercise, just walk up the hill'. Customers like this are why I snort when I hear adult men complain about their terrible 10 foot slope they have to plant.

San Luis Obispo County Native Gardens

LG did this one himself in Arroyo Grande.

A native garden in San Luis Obispo.  One of my designs in the 1980's.

BB had Dante D'Alfonso install the native landscape across the street.

A and L's Garden had been in beach sand for 7 years when these pictures were taken. An acre and a half with $2000 worth of plants, a shovel and a wheel barrow.  Native Landscape!

A native landscaping in a beach sand garden. Native flower color in a yard that was covered with Veldt grass.

series of slopes in San Luis Obispo


What a Restoration should look like! Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo.

This is an Atascadero, Paso Robles native landscaping done by a home owner.

Los Angeles Area

Scott's garden in Downtown Los Angeles

A small Native garden in Los Angeles.

San Joaquin Valley

Here's a work in progress in Bakersfield, Steve's garden.

Other Restoration Examples. (old as we are)

Riparian areas

Coastal sage scrub at Vandenburg

Coastal Bluff
Visit the native garden examples around you in parks, neighbors and wildlands. There are more native wildland landscaping examples here.
Other places you might find us roaming about:

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