Easy garden design: Wet Clay

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If you are watering this much in clay you may have plants showing signs of drought stress! Not to mention an ooey-gooey mess.

Are you planting these in sun or shade?

1.Sun: Out in the open or it may have a little shade part of the day

Juncus oxymeris Pointed Rush - grid24_12

Juncus oxymeris, Pointed Rush
Juncus phaeocephalus phaeocephalus Brown Headed Creeping Rush - grid24_12
Juncus phaeocephalus phaeocephalus, Brown Headed Creeping Rush
The flowers of Mimulus cardinalis, Scarlet Monkey Flower, have an unusual shape or form in comparison to many other Mimulus species.  - grid24_12

Mimulus cardinalis, Scarlet Monkey Flower
Mimulus guttatus, Seep Monkey Flower - grid24_12

Mimulus guttatus, Seep Monkey Flower
Oenothera hookeri,  Hooker's Evening Primrose.  - grid24_12
Oenothera hookeri, Evening Primrose
Psoralea orbicularis, Giant Clover has big flowers. - grid24_12
Psoralea orbicularis, Giant Clover
Scratch and sniff, 

sorry, always wanted to do that. - grid24_12

Satureja mimuloides
California Goldenrod is native on the Santa Margarita nursery site. It grows on a north slope in red clay and in most gravel. - grid24_12
Solidago californica, California Goldenrod

2. Shade: Coastal sun or Under oaks (this much water will kill your oaks) or other large trees, or on the north side of a building.

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