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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Plants For Alpine Fell-Fields

Artemisia tridentata

Artemisia tridentata Great Basin Sage Brush
An evergray shrub. 4 feet tall and wide. Native to dry areas of the western US. Needs full sun. It is very drought tolerant, needs good drainage. Its seeds are edible. Chewed leaves said to aid diges... Learn more.

Balsamorhiza sagittata

Balsamorhiza sagittata Arrowleaf balsamroot
syn Buphthalmum sagittata, Espeletia s., E. helianthoides, Balsamorhiza h.. Arrowleaf balsamroot grows from the Southern Sierra Nevada mountains up in British Columbia and across to Colorado. A large ... Learn more.

Carex spectabilis

Carex spectabilis Showy Sedge
Showy Sedge occurs in the wet soil of meadows or rocky slopes where snow banks linger from 5800-12,000 ft. The plant is one to two feet tall. Showy Sedge likes full sun and part sun, and seasonal fl... Learn more.

Carex vernacula
Occurs at 10,000' on east side of Sierra. Associated with Antennaria alpina (Keeler-Wolf) in poorly drained mountain bogs....Carex gymnoclada, Salix anglorum, Potentilla drummondii, Dodecatheon alpinu... Learn more.

Delphinium polycladon

Delphinium polycladon Mountain Marsh Larkspur
Delphinium polycladon; Mountain Marsh Larkspur grows from about 7000-11,000 ft. the middle Sierras.A good candiate for an English Garden or moist perenniual garden.... Learn more.

Deschampsia caespitosa

Deschampsia caespitosa Tufted Hairgrass
Tufted Hairgrass is a perennial bunchgrass from mountain meadows. It grows very poorly in interior areas with hot summers and looks like hell here at all times. If you live in a mountain meadow at 600... Learn more.

Draba oligosperma Yellow Flowered Moss
Matted perennial, 1 foot high, 3 feet across, Sierra Nev., 11-13,000 ft., this small perennial is doing fine at our 1800 ft. location, should be tried for miniature rock gardens, needs good drainage, ... Learn more.

Erigeron uncialis

Erigeron uncialis
Lone Fleabane is a dinky little flowering perennial that grows on limestone in eastern California and Southeastern Nevada. Even though it commonly grows at 10,000 ft., it seems to do fine with regul... Learn more.

Eriogonum kennedyi

Eriogonum kennedyi Kennedy's buckwheat
... Learn more.

Eriogonum lobbii Granite Buckwheat
A small perennial with white pink flower clusters on flat gray leaves. Native on rocky outcrops in the higher elevations of No. Calif.. Assoc. plants include Lewisia cotyledon and Zauschneria lat. cal... Learn more.

Heuchera hirsutissima

Heuchera hirsutissima Idyllwild Rock Flower
... Learn more.

Heuchera rubescens glandulosa

Heuchera rubescens glandulosa Jack o the rocks
Alumroot. A perennial with small, grape-like leaves, only 3" high, shade to part shade, garden conditions, good with small ferns in shady rock gardens. Heuchera rubescens is a tough plant. It's hardy... Learn more.

Leptodactylon pungens

Leptodactylon pungens Granite Gilia
Granite Gilia is a rock garden plant that lives in the rocky areas of many a western mountain tops. Needs good drainage, and a spot in the rocks. This could be a crack that you can dig into in a rock,... Learn more.

Lupinus breweri

Lupinus breweri
A small, usually matted(by snow) perennial Lupine of moderate elevations of Mtn. Pinos to Oregon. Brewer's Lupine is named after William Brewer who was part of the Calif. State Geological Survey party... Learn more.

Mimulus tilingii

Mimulus tilingii Creeping Monkey
A creeping perennial with 1 inch yellow flowers that make a 1 ft carpet of yellow at high elevations throughout most of the western states. It does o.k. here but needs constant moisture. Good near str... Learn more.

Oxytropis sericea White locoweed
Silky locoweed is a nitrogen fixing perennial that grows from the Yukon down into New Mexico, east to Oklahoma and west to the White Mountains of California. The silky white foliage and indigo blue fl... Learn more.

Penstemon caesius

Penstemon caesius Purple mountain bugler
Purple mountain bugler grows in rocky mountain areas of Southern California. In red fir and yellow pine forest openings at 6700 to 11,200 feet. ... Learn more.

Penstemon davidsonii

Penstemon davidsonii Blue Color Mat
A little flat perennial that prefers to be under snowcover in winter. It needs good drainage and full sun in its element. 1-1 1/2" blue flowers in late spring. It does not like to dry out in summer an... Learn more.

Penstemon heterodoxus

Penstemon heterodoxus Sierra Penstemon
A perennial that is 2\" tall with purple flowers in clusters covering the plant bring the total height of the plant to 6\" with a width of 1\'. Native to the Sierras 8000-12000\' and White Mountains. ... Learn more.

Penstemon procerus

Penstemon procerus Small penstemon
Small Penstemon is native in the higher elevations of California throughout much of the rest of the US and Southern Canada. Useful in a small moist rock garden. Use with Eriogonium umbellatum, a boul... Learn more.

Penstemon purpusii

Penstemon purpusii Snow mountain Penstemon
A flat perennial that grows to 1' across. It has gray foliage and purple flowers. It wants full sun where the summer temperatures are less than 80, more shade as the climate gets hotter. It grows in f... Learn more.

Polemonium pulcherrimum

Polemonium pulcherrimum Western Sky Pilot
This is a little 3-6" perennial that has 1" white or blue flowers arising slightly above the foliage. It has done fine in the nursery for years. It never has gotten very big, but it has flowered for 3... Learn more.

Potentilla fructicosa

Potentilla fructicosa
(Syn. Pentaphylloides f., Dasiophora f., Potentilla fruticosa var. parvifolia, Potentilla floribunda, Fragaria fruticosa) Shrubby Cinquefoil grows along streams, in meadows and in openings in the fore... Learn more.

Ribes cereum

Ribes cereum Wax Currant
... Learn more.

Salix eastwoodiae Sierra Willow
A fuzzy grey almost groundcover willow of the upper middle Sierras. ... Learn more.

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