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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Mormon metalmark, Apodemia mormo

The Mormon metalmark has a comical appearance.

It often has its antenna held close together and pointing straight out from its head. It also has huge green eyes that do not blend in well with the rest of its body and seem to pop. And, on top of all this, it has striped antennae.

Apodemia mormo virgulti; Behr's Metalmark  on a buckwheat - grid24_6

Plants used by the Mormon Metalmark Larva

The larvae of the Mormon Metalmark feed on Buckwheats, Eriogonum spp. In particular they like Eriogonum fasciculatum, California buckwheat. It forms a two to three feet tall nicely rounded bush. Their white flowers dry to a chocolate color that lasts till the rain knocks them off in the winter. It is also very drought tolerant, surviving in hot, arid, chaparral.

Plants used as nectar sources by the Mormon Metalmark Butterfly

The adult Mormon Metalmark feeds on various flowers. They seem to like asters like Butterweed as well as Joaquin Daisy and California Aster.

Apodemia mormo virgulti,  Behr's Metalmark  on Butterweed - grid24_12
Butterweed Senecio douglasii is an open perennial shrub with many bright showy yellow flowers. It is very drought tolerant and flowers in late summer.
Apodemia mormo virgulti; Behr's Metalmark  on an Aster chilensis - grid24_12
California Aster, Aster chilensis, has light purple flowers and is very floreferous.
Apodemia mormo virgulti; Behr's Metalmark  - grid24_12
Joaquin Daisy, Bidens laevis, is nearly six feet tall with lush green leaves and an abundance of large yellow flowers. It likes most soils and is very popular with butterflies, including the Mormon metalmark. The flowers, as well as being beautiful, have a sweet fragrance, especially in the evenings