Plants For Shadscale Scrub

Penstemon utahensis. Utah Penstemon - grid24_12
Penstemon utahensis

This one's native to mountains of Ca. desert to s. Utah and Ariz.. It has the tendency to flower through the snow on us with its pink-red flowers on a 2' spike. Its leaves are gray. It appears to be v... Learn more.

In this photo you can see the pattern of the bark of a Platanus racemosa, California Sycamore, growing in Arroyo Grande, California.  - grid24_12
Platanus racemosa California Sycamore

A fast 75' deciduous tree. It will grow to 15-20 ft. in 5-10 years. It is along creeks in the foothills and coast ranges of Calif.. It takes takes wind, heat, but not drought tolerant until establishe... Learn more.

Poa scabrella Pine bluegrass - grid24_12
Poa scabrella Pine bluegrass

Pine bluegrass clumps are 2 ft. tall and 6 inches across. This very fine grass is dark green and ranges from the coast of Ca. to Wash.. Pine bluegrass, One sided Blue Grass, Needle grass grows in... Learn more.

Populus fremontii, Western Cottonwood along hwy 58 - grid24_12
Populus fremontii Western Cottonwood

A deciduous tree. Plant and stand back, very fast with regular water, on one site 30' in a year. We grow male trees, females have cotton. An excellent shade tree. Keep away from septic system. Do not ... Learn more.

Populus fremontii,  Zapata Fremont Cottonwood tree with fall color - grid24_12
Populus fremontii 'Zapata' Fremont Cottonwood

''Zapata'comes from a parent tree that is 80' tall and 40' wide out in a stream bed of a customers property. I had to stand on my pickup roof with a 10' pole pruner to get a bottom branch. It is nativ... Learn more.

a Populus fremontii ,Carrizo Fremont Cottonwood tree - grid24_12
Populus fremontii var. Carrizo Fremont Cottonwood

'Carrizo', This form is for interior plantings only. It will get rust if the climate is too moist. This form is very tough. It should do fine in most desert sites and even into parts of the Great Basi... Learn more.

Populus fremontiiX Calm Fremont Cottonwood - grid24_12
Populus fremontiiX var. Calm Fremont Cottonwood

'Calm' is from the California Living Museum in Bakersfield, this is at the mouth of Kern Canyon.This is a series of plants and they are not sex defined, they can have cotton. We use these for revegeta... Learn more.

Desert almond, Prunus fasciculata - grid24_12
Prunus fasciculata Desert Almond

A rather nondescript deciduous shrub to 6\'. It\'s flowers are mot showy. There are little almonds on it in summer. It is a good transition plant between the oaks and the desert. It is also a good wil... Learn more.

A close up of Sidalcea malviflora from the hills around San Luis Obispo. - grid24_12
Sidalcea malvaeflora Checkerbloom

This checker bloom is a perennial with a small cluster of leaves at its base and a 2-3ft. spike of 1 inch deep pink flowers. The stems are rather lax as it grows in perennial grass thickets in season... Learn more.

Blue Witch out toward La Panza in the Juniper woodland - grid24_12
Solanum umbelliferum var. incanum Bluewitch

Bluewitch is a 1-2' perennial with 1"flowers bright blue, with yellow centers and blooms most of the year. It has silver-gray foliage. Native in chaparral, Juniper-Oak woodland in central Calif. coast... Learn more.

Trichostema lanceolatum Vinegar weed - grid24_12
Trichostema lanceolatum Vinegar weed

Vinegar weed, or Turpentine weed is an annual (We do not sell) occurs along the inner sections of the coast ranges from British Columbia to Baja. In our area it is common in the Salinas Valley, throug... Learn more.

Trifolium willdenovii. Tomcat Clover - grid24_12
Trifolium Clover

Our Native clovers are mostly annuals. We do not sell the seed but we do encourage the plants. The native clovers should not mowed or killed until the flowers are allowed to produce seed. This page ... Learn more.

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