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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Plants For Redwood Forest

Polypodium californicum

Polypodium californicum California Polypody
A creeping perennial fern that grows in moist rock crevices. Almost always associated with seeps in the coastal areas and in the middle Sierras. Usually in part-shade, sometimes in the fairly deep sha... Learn more.

Polystichum munitum

Polystichum munitum Western Sword Fern
A fern with 3' dark green fronds. A very refined, very tight clump that looks like a palm tree top cut off. We saw them growing on Cone Mountain above Big Sur at 4000' under Ponderosa Pines, Tan bark ... Learn more.

Prunus emarginata

Prunus emarginata Bitter Cherry
I've seen Prunus emarginata in only two spots now. One was around Grants Grove at @7800 ft in the Sierras, under Pines in seeps and draws on the north slopes and above Cambria in a seep at about 2000 ... Learn more.

Pseudotsuga menziesii

Pseudotsuga menziesii Douglas Fir
A conifer that will get to 80'. It needs regular garden water. It likes afternoon shade in the hot interior, full sun at higher elevations or near coast. A large tree or large hedge. This tree has sup... Learn more.

Quercus wislizenii

Quercus wislizenii Interior Live Oak
An evergreen tree that can reach 50' (Your grandkids might see it.), and as broad. It has glossy, dark-green leaves. Native to lower and middle elevations of the coast ranges, Sierra Nevada of Calif. ... Learn more.

Rhamnus californica

Rhamnus californica Coffeeberry
Coffeeberry is an evergreen shrub that grows fast to 6-8, sometimes as high as 10 ft.. Coffeeberry is native from the Oregon Coast ranges through most of California into Arizona and Baja. Coffeeberry... Learn more.

Rhamnus purshiana

Rhamnus purshiana Chittam Bark
Cascara is a dark green bush or semi-deciduous tree that grows from northern California to British Columbia to Montana. This buckthorn grows under heavy chaparral or forest conditions, north slope. ... Learn more.

Ribes californicum

Ribes californicum Hillside Gooseberry
... Learn more.

Ribes divaricatum

Ribes divaricatum Spreading Gooseberry
Deciduous shrub to 5'. The thorniest of the gooseberries. A stream side bush or moist coastal understory plant. Spreading Gooseberry can be used as a bramble in the shade for the wildlife or to make a... Learn more.

Ribes menziesii

Ribes menziesii Canyon Gooseberry
... Learn more.

Rosa gymnocarpa

Rosa gymnocarpa Wood Rose
Wood Rose is a delicate sub-shrub that arches up to 3'. Normally 2'. A bristly slender shrub with fairly large fragrant pink flowers. This looks like a little formal perennial in cultivation. In the ... Learn more.

Rosa pinetorum

Rosa pinetorum Whiskey Rose
A beautiful rose that we've seen only twice in the wild, once in the town of Quincy on a north facing slope(can you say COLD) under interior live oak and bays, and once at the edge of a redwood forest... Learn more.

Rubus leucodermis

Rubus leucodermis Western Raspberry
An arching dec. shrub-vine. Thorny with whitish stems, green leaves and red to black raspberry-like berries. I\'ve only seen western Raspberry in the redwoods/Douglas Fir around Willits. It was a bram... Learn more.

Rubus parviflorus

Rubus parviflorus Thimbleberry
Thimbleberry is a woodsy berry that grows in forests where there is shade and moisture. Looks similar to the Ribes san. glut. and often grows near it. I've seen it in the Sierras at 5000-8000' and in... Learn more.

Rubus spectabilis

Rubus spectabilis Salmon Berry
A large thornless bramble with raspberries. Native from Northern California Coastal ranges up through Alaska. ... Learn more.

Rubus ursinus

Rubus ursinus Pacific blackberry
... Learn more.

Salix melanopsis Longleaf Willow
A 10' deciduous bush that is native from Wyo. and Alberta. We have a customer that has it on Bear Mountain, 7500' in Kern Co.. Streamside in a 20" rainfall area. Companion plants were Ribes nev... Learn more.

Satureja douglasii

Satureja douglasii Yerba Buena
... Learn more.

Scrophularia californica

Scrophularia californica California Figwort
Scrophularia californica, California Figwort is a two to four foot perennial with three foot spikes of red flowers. It is native along the coast and southern Sierras, from L.A. to B.C.. It is not a... Learn more.

Sequoia sempervirens

Sequoia sempervirens Coast Redwood
A conifer that grows very fast to 60' in twenty years. It has dark green leaves . Give regular water and plenty of room. It will grow in very dry areas if it gets lots of water along with good drainag... Learn more.

Sidalcea oregana

Sidalcea oregana Checker
A 4\" high perennial with pink flowers, and green foliage. A rock garden plant that you\'ll find along the edges of meadows, north moist rocky slopes and seasonal seep/snow pockets in many western sta... Learn more.

Sisyrinchium bellum

Sisyrinchium bellum Blue-Eyed Grass
... Learn more.

Sisyrinchium elmeri

Sisyrinchium elmeri Small Yellow Eyed Grass
A 1-3" perennial, light green leaves with 1/2" yellow flowers. Its only use is in a bonsai pot to mimic irises or other creek plants. It also might work well in a minature rock garden.... Learn more.

Spiraea douglasii

Spiraea douglasii Western Spiraea
Spiraea douglasii, is a fast-growing, 4-5' deciduous shrub. Its rose flowers grow in lovely clusters and emerge in June-September. This spiraea is native to moist places, usually in forests, below 60... Learn more.

Stachys bullata

Stachys bullata Hedge Nettle
Native to the coast ranges from San Francisco to Los Angeles. From April through August 1/2"pink flowers emerge on a 1-2' interrupted spike that make excellent cut flowers. It likes part shade/full sh... Learn more.

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