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Native plants

Even if the plant is native from your area, it still could be the wrong plant for the site. A creekside plant will not live up on the hill without extra water, and an upland plant will not usually live in the creek. A plant that grows in shade will probably fail in sun and vice versa. It could still be native on the site, but, not appropriate for the spot, in time or place.
The wildlife are much better supported if you use plants from your flyway or area. An example is the Buckeye (Aesculus californica). Many of the native bees, bumblebees, flies and butterflies use the nectar and develop protection from the nectar, where the European honey bees die from the nectar. AND, Buckeyes have a reputation for poisoning animals and people, but that rarely happens, as in almost never (once?), but alien filaree, though introduced as a major forage plant for cattle, has been documented as responsible for killing 60 head of cattle (McClintock, 1998).
If the weeds are not there, California is amazing! When an annual native plant is done flowering it almost disappears and is nearly fire proof. Large areas of California used to look like this in spring. Can you imagine what inner Los Angeles could look like if it was still natural? - grid24_12
An area where we're controlling the weeds. The wildflowers are so beautiful. These are native plants. This is what California looked like before our weeds came along.
If weeds cover the site, native plants have a hard time coming back. Deerweed is trying here, but with very limited success. Got a match? Weeds burn very easily, and come back as even more weeds, less native plants. What a mess. - grid24_12
These are not native plants. This is what California looks like after weeds replace almost all of the native plants. (The only green things are native Deerweed, which is not a weed.)
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