Costa's Hummingbird, Calypte costae.

Costa's Hummingbird can range from Alaska to Texas, but is mostly a Southern California, Arizona, Las Vegas and Baja type of bird. It appears like, Costa hummingbirds will work the flowers all day, while Anna rests in the heat. In California, Costa Hummingbirds start in the desert areas in early winter and work to the coast, sometimes up to 5000 foot in mountains, they hang around the coastal areas, then move back to the desert. Some Migrate down into Mexico. Brood is usually two eggs, one brood per season, incubation 15-18 days, young birds fly at about 20-23 days after first laid as egg.
A Costa Hummingbird on Salvia Pozo Blue - grid24_12

Costa's hummingbird likes sages

In this old picture a Costa Hummingbird is visiting a Salvia Pozo Blue.
Picture quality has really changed, hasn't it?
Salvia clevelandii,  Alpine Sage. with a Costa Hummingbird. California plants attract California birds. - grid24_12
A Costa Hummingbird on Salvia clevelandii 'Alpine'
Costas Hummingbird guarding a Desert Willow .
Costa Hummingbird working Penstemon centranthifolius flowers.
Costa Hummingbird working a thistle - grid24_12
This young Calypte costae was guarding a Venus Thistle.
Costa hummingbird mooning the photographer - grid24_12
You'll see a lot of this if you try to take Hummingbird pictures.
A shy Costa Hummingbird working the fragrant flowers of Salvia clevelandii Alpine. - grid24_12
Costa Hummingbirds seem to really like Salvia clevelandii sages
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