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Mourning Cloak Butterfly, Nymphalis antiopa

Mourning Cloak butterfly grows though much of the northern hemisphere. In Britain, were it is rare, it is known as Camberwell Beauty.
A large black butterfly with yellow edging. When it's wings are closed a Mourning cloak resembles the dark bark of a willow or cottonwood. Flies like a Swallowtail and about the same size.

Larval plants include mostly riparian plants like willows, cottonwoods, blackberry, elm, hackberry and others.

One of the old names was Aglais antiopa.

“It is a familiar insect to all who have had an interest in nature, and never fails to arouse admiration on account of its brilliant coloration and boldness of pattern.” Comstock

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Mourning Cloak Butterfly - grid24_6
Mourning Cloak butterfly sipping mud.
Mourning Cloak Butterfly on a Baby Bear manzanita - grid24_12
This Mourning Cloak Butterfly worked the flowers of Baby Bear manzanita for days.
Side view of Mourning Cloak Butterfly. We do not get many of them in the Santa Margarita Nursery, but we get a few. - grid24_6
Mourning Cloak butterfly side view.