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Prunus virginiana var. melanocarpa

Black Chokecherry.

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Prunus virginiana melanocarpa, Black Chokecherry, forms a small tree or large shrub. Black Chokecherry grows from the middle elevations of California's Sierra Nevada Range to the other side of the Rocky Mountains. Black chokecherry has very pretty large racemes of white flowers that attract butterflies. We've had one in the ground now for 10 years with no thoughts or problems. It is growing next to a dripping bird bath. It serves as an excellent perching place for birds coming to the bird bath as well as cover for birds like the Wilson's warblers and Wrentits. The fruit is 1/2 an inch across and black. It is normal for the birds to get all of the fruit. The quality of the fresh fruit is a little better than the regular choke cherry. Black Chokecherry is a great plant for birds and butterflies.

Prunus virginiana var. melanocarpa is great for a bird garden.
Foliage of Prunus virginiana var. melanocarpa turns a different color in the fall, has color green and is deciduous.
Flower of Prunus virginiana var. melanocarpa has color white.
Fruit of Prunus virginiana var. melanocarpa is edible.

Communities for Prunus virginiana var. melanocarpa:Yellow Pine Forest.

ph: 5.00 to 8.00
usda: 5 to 10
height[m]: 6.00 to 10.00
width[m]: 6.00 to 6.00
rainfall[cm]: 100.00 to 160.00

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