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Calystegia purpurata

Purplish Morning Glory and Pacific False Bindweed.

1Gal Container (Up to 0)
Calystegia purpurata, or Purplish Morning Glory, is a perennial vine well enough behaved to use on a trellis next to your house. Flowers are large and cheerful, foliage looks like glossy salad greens. This morning glory grows within a strip a few miles inland to maybe 40 miles of the ocean or the San Francisco Bay from Matilija Canyon (east of Carpinteria) to maybe Humboldt County, California. Flowers are large and look like they came off a birthday cake. Use as a cover for a block wall or a steep north or east-facing slope.
syn. Convolvulus occidentalis var. purpuratus, Convolvulu luteolus purpuratus. 

Calystegia purpurata tolerates clay and serpentine.

Foliage of Calystegia purpurata has color green and is stressdeciduous.
Flower of Calystegia purpurata has color white.

Communities for Calystegia purpurata:Coastal Sage Scrub and Northern Coastal Sage Scrub.

ph: 5.00 to 7.20
usda: 8 to 10
height[m]: 2.00 to 5.00
width[m]: 0.10 to 1.00
rainfall[cm]: 50.00 to 100.00

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