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Common White Butterfly, Pontia protodice

Plants used by the Larva of the Common White Butterfly

The Larva of the Common White Butterfly feeds mainly on plants in the Mustard family. Some or their favorites are in the Brassica genus. Also popular are Sisymbrium officinale and Lepedium fremontii. Both of these species are found in the desert. Desert Alysum, Lepedium fremontii, is a small perennial shrub covered in sweet smelling white flowers in spring.

Plants used as nectar sources by the Adult Common White Butterfly

The Adult common white butterfly gets nectar from many flowers, however they seem to really like daises. Both pictures we have of these butterflies are found on the genus Erigeron. The pictures of the males are taken on Erigeron “Wayne Roderick”, Sea Side daisy. This a perennial daisy with multitudes of purple flowers. It is only about six inches tall. It also tolerates salt spray and sandy soil as well as being fairly drought tolerant.

The female Common White Butterfly was photographed on Erigeron glaucus Cape Sebastian, this is one of the parents of the “Wayne Rodrick “daisy hybrid. Cape Sebastian daisy is much more beefy than the Wayne Rodrick daisy. It is also lavender in color.