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Lark Sparrow, Chondestes grammacus

Migration of the Lark Sparrow

In most of California the Lark sparrow is non migratory. The populations in the north east corner of California and Owens valley in the summer moves elsewhere in the winter

Diet of the Lark Sparrow

The Lark Sparrow eats nearly equal quantities of insects and seeds during the breeding season during the rest of the season the Lark sparrow eats mainly seeds. They especially like grasshoppers. The food is generally taken from the leaf litter or near the ground in herbaceous plants.

How to attract the Lark Sparrow to your garden

The Lark sparrow likes to use bird bathes. They will take a drink as well as bathe. They like herbaceous ground covers as well as shrubs or trees for perches.

Habitat/ Plant community used by the Lark Sparrow

The Lark sparrow likes herbaceous ground covers with occasional perches in the form of rocks shrubs or trees.

Sagebrush scrub

Coastal sage scrub


Central oak woodland

Northern Oak woodland

Southern oak Woodland


Range of the Lark Sparrow

The Lark sparrow is found west of the sierras year round. In the summer they are found in the north eastern corner of California and a few in the Owens valley.

Nesting habitat of the Lark Sparrow

The Lark sparrow nests on the ground with some protection given by grass or small shrubs.