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California Native Plants are all we grow!

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3232 Las Pilitas Rd
Santa Margarita, CA 93453

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You might notice changes as we begin to upgrade our website. More info to follow. Thanks for your support.

Update: 5/1/2016 9:30 AM

Our Escondido location is now permanently closed. We appreciate all the support and kind words from everyone that came out during the final weeks. Thanks for supporting us for 16 years. Our California native plants are still available online. Keep planting California natives!

Our nursery has a friendly staff and native plants for the  butterflies and birds. The plants have signs. Come explore a native plant nursery for Southern California. - grid24_12
Native plant nursery.
The public section of our Escondido plant nursery. All we grow are native plants. - grid24_12
Looking back across one section of the native plant nursery towards the front gate and the office.
The retail section of our native plant nursery. It is set up for you to cruise and read. - grid24_12
Take a date along that likes plants. You can cruise and check out native plants for a couple of hours. Many do.
The plant nursery has a cute little sitting area and 'office'.  - grid24_12
Our little office and sitting area. Hubby can sit and surf while you shop for native plants.
A view of the Escondido  nursery. All we grow are California native plants.
Looking across the nursery first thing in the morning.
Southern California gardens can support all sorts of
native plants.

Here is a little rock garden at the Escondido Native plant nursery. The soil there was an old trucking yard. Soil is so compacted you can't dig it. We used a jack hammer to dig the fence posts. California native plants like the Penstemon heterophyllus, Dudleya cymosa, Mock Heather, and Sulfur Buckwheat seem to do fine.

The retail section of the Las Pilitas Nursery in San Diego County.

Accessing the nursery from the north.

Coming to the Native Plant Nursery from the south.