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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

A seven year old native landscape in the Central Coast Area.

After planting in the Nipomo native garden.

This picture is not the 'before' picture. The before picture was 1 1/2 acres of weeds and Veldt Grass. This is the right after planting the little -specks(1 gallon pots) picture. The "specks" are planted on the slope in front of the house. Weeds have been killed(this is a practical environmentalist) and the area mulched with chips from dead pine trees, eucalyptus, and oak prunings. The owner did all the work himself and the total cost was around $2000.00

A native garden 7 years after plant. No irrigation system, ever. - grid24_12
The second picture was taken seven years later. The tree in the foreground is a sycamore and most of the groundcover is Lompoc Manzanita '. This garden requires almost no watering(the dust does occasionally get washed off with a hose) and very little care. I asked the owner how many hours per year he spends on the care of this one acre+ planting, and his response was, "I putter; there is no care." The soil in this garden is mostly beach sand.
Ceanothus arboreus Owlswood blue at dusk taken with flash. - grid24_12