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Common Kingsnake, Lampropeltis getulas

The Common Kingsnake ranges throughout much of the US south of Central Oregon and New Jersey. Diet is largely other snakes and lizards, but they also eat rodents, small animals and bird eggs. Kingsnakes hibernate in winter, and only works when the temperatures are comfortable. Too hot or too cold and they will go underground. Kingsnakes are either immune to Rattlesnakes or have some secret method to avoid the venom as they consume them.
Our local King Snake - grid24_12
The Common Kingsnake is harmless to humans(they can make a nasty stink), but eat other snakes and lizards.
A King Snake watching the photographer. - grid24_12
This King Snake was warming on the front steps.
King Snake on tree bark - grid24_12
King Snake in tree - grid24_12
A kingsnake killing a Rattlesnake. - grid24_12
A Rattle Snake Biting a king snake that is killing it. - grid24_12
A Rattle Snake being eaten by a King Snake
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