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Aneides lugubris, Arboreal Salamander

This little salamander lives throughout most of coastal California through the cismontane hills and in the central Sierras. (Most of the areas where the retirees want to live. ) Arboreal Salamander lives on fungus and insects.
During rainy periods it will forage up into the trees and bushes looking under bark and debris for its small prey.
You'll find it in moist areas in the summer, working up to 100ft. away from it's base in moist periods.
Arboreal Salamander, Aneides lugubris in the nude - grid24_12

Aneides lugubris, Arboreal Salamander

is a fierce little pradator.
Arboreal Salamander, Aneides lugubris - grid24_12

Aneides lugubris, Arboreal Salamander

gets eaten by almost every animal larger than it.