Side-blotched Lizard, Uta stansburiana

There are a number of subspecies of these and there are many other sites that go into detail. We just want you to know that they are out there. Range West Texas to San Jose, south to Baja, north to Washington State. It follows the drier inland areas of Oregon and Washington. Diet Any small insect or worm that happens by. Habitat Dry, weed free gravelly areas. Behavior: Hey, it's a lizard. The do lizzardy things. Sorry, you'll not see much of them in the winter. They favor warm sunny spots where they'll eat anything that comes by. Tactics The ones in the nursery like to pretend they are at one with the rocks. Their color is almost the same as the granitic gravel. Predators: Close up of Uta stansburiana, Side-blotched Lizard. The splotch is the dark spot behind his leg.
A rather old picture of Side splotched lizard, Uta stansburiana  - grid24_12
In the Santa Margarita areas the Side Splotched lizard likes the sandy areas of the sunny graveled areas. Heat seems to be desirable.
Some of the subspecies of Side Splotched lizard are very different. - grid24_12
Some the sub-species of Side-splotched lizard are rather different. This one was in Joshua Tree,
Side-Splotched lizard in hot gravelly soil. - grid24_12
Side-Splotched lizard in the Santa margarita Area.
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