California Striped Racer or California Whipsnake, Coluber lateralis lateralis

Native from about Shasta Lake, through both the coast ranges and Sierras down into Baja, skipping the great valley and the deserts.
As with most snakes they'll eat any small animals they come upon.
Active during the days in spring through fall. Hibernates during winter.
A Whip Snake, or Coluber lateralis lateralis,California Striped Racer - grid24_12
Coiled up on a warm rock.
Coluber lateralis lateralis - California Striped Racer up in a tree. - grid24_12
This snake more so than many others, is a tree climber. It was perfectly happy to climb up into this small tree and watch the parking lot.
Coluber lateralis, California striped racer watching from a perch in a small oak tree. - grid24_12
Up in a little tree, Coluber lateralis,California Striped Racer snake watching. - grid24_12
California Whipsnake, Coluber lateralis lateralis eating lizard. - grid24_12
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