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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Southern California Garden examples

These are some of the San Diego, Fallbrook, Poway, and Escondido native California gardens designed and installed by Greg Rubin of California's Own. (Some of the early ones had help from Las Pilitas.) Let the gardens speak for themselves.
a before garden  photo on a Rubin job in 1998. Probably Poway in Southern California. - grid24_12
The garden before and the garden after.
a redwood deck planted in a Southern California native garden.
Many of you customers have figured out that it's better to spend a lot on their garden and enjoy the little time they have with their family. A vacation in your yard every evening and weekend, instead of once a year.
Doesn't a barbecue and horse shoes sound better than a 8 hour drive or pat down at the air port? Or maybe a lounge and a good e-book? Or maybe you'll finally have a place to read the rest of the website?