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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

The native plants in the nursery are zero, why?

If the plant quantities listed on the nursery inventory are zero or really low and you need bigger numbers we can sometimes grow the plants with no problems; please email and let us know you 're looking for it. (We do not track emails!!) If enough of you tell us you want it we will start growing the plant again.

Sometimes our numbers are limitied by our mother stock. Many times though, there is just no demand for the plant. We try to stock the weird stuff for the native plant collectors, but if only five are sold in five years it is very hard to stock a plant. Sometimes it's hard to even stock five of them in the nursery, even if we think the plant is nice. We've grown over a thousand California species at one time or another and the database represents EVERYTHING we've ever grown.

Don't get all warped out when 10,000 gallons of something that only we grow, (and we only sold two of them in the last couple of years), are not here. It is not the plant's fault, nor the contractor's fault, nor the grower's fault; it is the designers fault. Check first before you design in a weird plant in high numbers. We are the only grower of many of the native plants but the nurseries only cover about ten acres.

If your project calls for 5000 of something, and you want us to grow it, give us lead time! For many of the weird species that we grow in small numbers we need several years to build quantity to make your project work. On the other hand, if the plant is priced at $ 19.99 a gallon retail it is probably REALLY HARD to grow and you might want to use another California native plant.

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Shining Netvein Barberry Mahonia dictyota flowers. The plants are SO slow I'm not sure we'll ever have any for sale. A decade for a gallon plant. If we get them into the nursery they will be about $50 per plants. - grid24_6
Some plants take a decade for us to make a gallon plant.