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Artemisia ludoviciana

White Sagebrush, Western Mugwort and Mountian wormwood.

1Gal Container (Up to 0)
Artemisia ludoviciana, White Sagebrush is a rhizomatous perennial native from Baja to Ontario Canada and down to Arkansas. I've only seen it once in the wild and that was at 5500 feet in the San Jacinto mountains. This White Sagebrush was growing under Quercus dumosa(berberidifolia), Pinus jeffreyi, Cercocarpus betuloides and Adenostoma fasciculatum. We have our mother plant growing in decomposed granite soil in the shade' of a Chilopsis. We never water it and it has managed in 2 years to grow 1 foot. This subspecies seems very drought tolerant, and grows in dry, light soils. A very wide-ranging species adapted to many temperature ranges and rainfall patterns. Artemisia ludoviciana is grown in the Savill garden in Windsor Park, England.

Artemisia ludoviciana tolerates alkaline soil, sand, clay, seasonal flooding, high traffic(people walking on it) and deer.

Foliage of Artemisia ludoviciana is stressdeciduous.
Flower of Artemisia ludoviciana has color yellow.

Communities for Artemisia ludoviciana:Chaparral, Pinyon-Juniper Woodland and Yellow Pine Forest.

ph: 5.00 to 8.00
usda: 5 to 10
height[m]: 0.20 to 0.50
width[m]: 0.50 to 1.00
rainfall[cm]: 30.00 to 100.00

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