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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Plants For Lodgepole Forest

Achillea millefolium lanulosa

Achillea millefolium lanulosa Mountain Yarrow
Mountain Yarrow's leaves are smaller and tighter than the common native yarrow in California. The plants are lower to the ground, flowers are as large and a bright, pure white. Achillea lanulosa grow... Learn more.

Actaea rubra

Actaea rubra Snakeberry
Baneberry is a small perennial that grows in deep woods, north slopes and in meadows from Southern California up into Alaska, Alberta and across to New Mexico. In small doses Baneberry was used by Nat... Learn more.

Anemone multifida

Anemone multifida Pacific Anemone
Pacific Anemone is a cool little windflower to grows on mountain tops through much of north America and even Chile. Good for a part shade or cool rock garden. Not for Mesa Arizona, better chance in P... Learn more.

Arctostaphylos patula

Arctostaphylos patula Greenleaf Manzanita
... Learn more.

Artemisia cana bolanderi Silver Sage
This aromatic little bush makes a little mound of gray. Useful in places like Big Bear where you have an old log and wagon wheel you want to make look like Bodie or Death valley. Use as a small Great ... Learn more.

Artemisia nova

Artemisia nova Black sagebrush
Black sagebrush grows at slightly higher elevations(5000-11,0000 ft.) than Artemisia tridentata in thin rocky soils. (Artemisia nova, also known as Artemisia arbuscula ssp. nova, A. tridentata subsp.... Learn more.

Artemisia tridentata

Artemisia tridentata Great Basin Sage Brush
An evergray shrub. 4 feet tall and wide. Native to dry areas of the western US. Needs full sun. It is very drought tolerant, needs good drainage. Its seeds are edible. Chewed leaves said to aid diges... Learn more.

Asclepias asperula Antelope Horns
A weird milkweed from the desert mountains. Antelope horns grows from the Southern California desert mountains across to Arkansas and up into Kansas. (syn. Acerates a., Asclepias capricornu ssp. occi... Learn more.

Balsamorhiza sagittata

Balsamorhiza sagittata Arrowleaf balsamroot
syn Buphthalmum sagittata, Espeletia s., E. helianthoides, Balsamorhiza h.. Arrowleaf balsamroot grows from the Southern Sierra Nevada mountains up in British Columbia and across to Colorado. A large ... Learn more.

Campanula rotundifolia

Campanula rotundifolia California Harebell
A flat perennial with 1" blue flowers arising to 6" above the dark green foliage. This plant likes regular water. It should grow fine in any watered garden but prefers higher elevations in California.... Learn more.

Carex vernacula
Occurs at 10,000' on east side of Sierra. Associated with Antennaria alpina (Keeler-Wolf) in poorly drained mountain bogs....Carex gymnoclada, Salix anglorum, Potentilla drummondii, Dodecatheon alpinu... Learn more.

Delphinium polycladon

Delphinium polycladon Mountain Marsh Larkspur
Delphinium polycladon; Mountain Marsh Larkspur grows from about 7000-11,000 ft. the middle Sierras.A good candiate for an English Garden or moist perenniual garden.... Learn more.

Eriogonum lobbii Granite Buckwheat
A small perennial with white pink flower clusters on flat gray leaves. Native on rocky outcrops in the higher elevations of No. Calif.. Assoc. plants include Lewisia cotyledon and Zauschneria lat. cal... Learn more.

Eriogonum umbellatum chlorothamnus June Lake

Eriogonum umbellatum chlorothamnus June Lake Shrub Sulphur Buckwheat
Eriogonum umbellatum var. chlorothamnus. A shrubby mound of sulphur for a high elevation garden. Full sun and mountain scree. ... Learn more.

Fragaria virginiana platypetala

Fragaria virginiana platypetala Western Alpine Strawberry
A flat perennial strawberry with gray leaves, ranges in the wilds from California to British Columbia, to Wyoming. In California it ranges from 4000 to 10,000+ feet in the Sierra Nevada mountains. As... Learn more.

Geranium californicum

Geranium californicum California Geranium
California Geranium is a perennial, pink flowers, June-July, damp meadows, high elevations, Sierra Nevada, a rock garden subject, has flourished here with reg. water, very hardy. We've seen them on th... Learn more.

Gilia aggregata

Gilia aggregata Skyrocket
Scarlet Gilia is a biennial or short lived perennial that grows one to three foot tall with one to multiple stems of red tubular flowers. Rather common in open sandy areas of middle elevations where ... Learn more.

Helenium hoopesii

Helenium hoopesii Owlsclaws
Mountain helenium is a foot or so perennial herb with yellow daisy-like flowers 3 inches across native to wet meadows, high elevations, Sierra Nevada. It needs part-shade to sun, regular water. Owl... Learn more.

Holodiscus microphyllus microphyllus

Holodiscus microphyllus microphyllus
A perennial shrub that hides in rocky crevices at high elevations. Flowers are small and not very showy but the hardiness of the plant along with the grey foliage make it an interesting mix with the l... Learn more.

Jamesia americana californica

Jamesia americana californica Cliffbush
Jamesia americana is a wonderful perennial/deciduous shrub of the Sierras and east to Utah. Cliffbush tolerates high calcium soils, drought, garden conditions, frost, heat. If you have a mountain man... Learn more.

Juniperus communis montana

Juniperus communis montana Dwarf Juniper
... Learn more.

Mentha arvensis

Mentha arvensis Field Mint
A small little 1' perennial with a small blue flower clusters on a spike of scented green leaves. This one grows at higher elevations along creeks and in meadows. It has managed to make its way around... Learn more.

Mimulus lewisii

Mimulus lewisii Monkey Flower
Similar to Mimulus cardinalis but flowers are rose red or pink and it needs more water than Mimulus cardinalis. 20" tall. Native to middle to high elevations of the Sierra Nevada and much of the highe... Learn more.

Mimulus primuloides

Mimulus primuloides Monkey Moss
A water-loving perennial that is flat with tubular 1"yellow flowers. A ground cover for small, moist situations, creek side situations. Grows in mountains of north-central California north and into th... Learn more.

Monardella odoratissima

Monardella odoratissima Western Pennyroyal
A 1-2' perennial with 1" white flowers. The fragrant foliage has a very good mint odor. Native to 2000'+ throughout much of the West. It likes part shade to shade where the summers are hot and full su... Learn more.

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