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This Los Angeles garden was turned into a native garden by a customer. She did all this by herself.
Even did the path herself. Instead of going to the gym, go to the garden. Use the gardener to help remove the sod and the nasty plants. Then give him a bonus and letter of recommendation (if he earned it) and let him go.
It's your's now. Your little piece of wildland that you can bring birds and butterflies to while meeting your neighbors and lowing you stress and weight. Here are some Los Angeles plants that you can plant in your garden.
A Los Angeles yard done by the 25 year old home owner. Yes she did it by herself. - grid24_12
Typical small Los Angeles Yard.
Even had a dead Christmas tree.
Wow, little depressing.
Redone into native plants by the 25 year old home owner. Yes she did it by herself. - grid24_12
Add some elbow grease and creative fun and you have your own play garden full of native life.
Much more fun, where's the gnome?
A Los Angeles native garden after 6 months. - grid24_12
"It's a rainfall-only garden that will only get assistance from me in an abnormally dry year. Anything that cannot survive on rainfall after the first year will be replaced by something that does. So far, everything has thrived. And the Bee's Bliss in the foreground is fixing to take over the world." - K
A Los Angeles native garden after 12 months. - grid24_12
Los Angeles native garden after 15 months. Both the updated photos were taken on the same day, approximately 15 months from the original planting. -K
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